Björk's Home in Iceland

Hero bjorkhouse1

Jan 30, 2013 | By Maryam Shamlou

Opinions and musical tastes aside, Björk is a pop culture icon. The eclectic, eccentric, and occasionally outrageous Icelandic singer-songwriter has an extensive discography, a number of awards to her name, and general recognition from just about every genre of music. If she wasn’t on your radar for her career, she would have been for her infamous (and infinitely parodied) swan dress. Yet an oft-overlooked accomplishment of her career is what she did to put Iceland on the international map.

So great was the motherland’s appreciation for her work as a cultural ambassador of Iceland, that as we understand it, they gave her an island.

A grand gesture made even grander by how breathtaking the island is, Iceland really went all out with their “thank you”. Located off the southern coast of Iceland, the island of Elliðaey (now colloquially known as “Björk’s island”) is uninhabited – save for some roaming cattle and nesting birds – and remote, only accessible by rope, boat, or helicopter. It's quite the artist's sanctuary.

Update: Word on the Interwebs is that this house doesn't actually, in fact, belong to Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk. Apparently, the house is an exclusive hunting lodge for puffin hunters of the Elliðaey Hunting Association. Frankly, we weren't even aware that puffins were hunted, but there you have it. Either way, this house is awesome.