Best of 2014: Diversions

We rounded up our favorite Internet stories and diversions from the entire year for our most epically distracting post yet
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Dec 29, 2014 | By HB HQ

We rounded up our favorite Internet stories and diversions from the entire year for our most epically distracting post yet. Remember, in addition to granting you exclusive access to our awesome sales, each of our bi-weekly mailers features a fresh batch of Diversions, so subscribe here to catch them all. 

BILL MURRAY AMA: Hollywood's beloved funnyman pulls up a chair to the Internet, and the results are unsurprisingly awesome. / Reddit

A ROAD WARRIOR: "A year ago, I started fantasizing about campers other than my VW Syncro." / A Restless Transplant

HOW CHRIS MCCANDLESS DIED: Even if you've seen/read Into The Wild, this post from Jon Krauker from last year is worth a read. / The New Yorker

BETTER IN JAPAN: For America’s best bourbon, denim and burgers, head to Japan. / Smithsonian

THE RIDGE: Danny Macaskill takes us on a death-defying ride along the Cuillin Ridgeline on the Isle of Skye.PinkBike

50 ICONS' FAVORITE BOOKS: Our bedside table just got a whole lot more cluttered. / Flavorwire

SKIING IN AN LED BODYSUIT: The only thing harder than skiing at night? Well, that would be filming it.Wired

ROBERT CAPA'S LONGEST DAY: Capa’s 11 frames of blur and grit from D-day would become the collective vision of how it felt to be part of the “longest day.” / Vanity Fair

THE WEATHER MAN: The hauntingly beautiful story (and pictures) of an arctic meteorologist. / The New Yorker

WE ARE A CAMERA: Life's experiences and our collective memory, captured in the age of a little POV camera that changed an entire generation. / The New Yorker

THE LAST THING YOU SEE BEFORE YOU BLACK OUTWhy are so many people dying in search of abalone? / SF Magazine

DESKS OF CREATIVES: In which we learn Lorne Michaels — of SNL fame — loves Snood (slide 9). / Vanity Fair

SEASONED TRAVEL TIPS: Road warrior Patrick Janelle preaches the importance of coffee, packing light, bathing suits, and more. / Bon Appétit

WHAT ASTRONAUTS SEE ON RE-ENTRY: Just a hint, they're not exactly reading the Sunday paper / Gizmodo

REMEMBER YOU WILL DIE: And 29 other things we should never forget. Read this. Seriously. / Medium

INSANE SKI LINE: Our buddy Cody Townsend rips down a super narrow chute at full throttle, in what has been called the most epic ski line of the year. / YouTube

FEDERER AS RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE: With the U.S. Open around the corner, it's worth revisiting one of the greatest sports articles of all-time. | NYT

1000 YEARS OF WARTIME EDC: Neatly arranged essentials and portable implements of war spanning nearly 1000 years of British military history. / Daily Mail