Adventure Is...

Whatever the hell you want it to be
November 13, 2019Photos by Perry Gershkow

Here at Huckberry, we love a good adventure. And sure, some are more obvious than others—like a 72-hour trip to Iceland, a climbing weekend in Yosemite, or surfing in Bali. But we believe it’s time to expand the definition of what an adventure could be. Adventure is just as much a mindset, an opportunity for discovery and pushing boundaries, regardless of what you do and how far you travel.

To celebrate how we define adventure every day, we partnered up with our buddy and filmmaker, Perry Gerkshow, on this video featuring our very own employees, narrated by co-founder Richard Griener. And as you’ll see, each person has their own definition—and that’s ok. Because, when it comes down to it, adventure is whatever the hell you want it to be.

Adventure is fly fishing in Mammoth.

Adventure is teaching your daughter to rock climb in Yosemite.

Adventure is surfing under the Golden Gate Bridge.

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