A Mile in My Boots

Our staff weigh in on their exclusive Huckberry boot picks for the season
December 9, 2018Words by Veronica SederPhotos by Bryson Malone

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If you’ve ever checked out our website, scrolled through our Instagram, or come to one of our events and met us in person—you know. Here at Huckberry, we’re boot people. Some may call us obsessed and, well, we’re fine with that. We want the perfect boot for whatever adventure comes our way—from a weekend on the trail to an after-work beer.

We know exactly what we’re looking for when it comes to boots, and for a long time we couldn’t find what we wanted. So what'd we do? We partnered with some of the best boot makers in the world and made exclusive Huckberry versions of the most iconic styles out there.

Read on for our employees’ boot picks and to find out why they love ‘em so damn much. These are only a small handful of the boots we’ve got—make sure to check out our full collection of kicks you can only find on Huckberry. Because your adventure deserves the perfect boot.

Ben O’Meara, Marketing

Huckberry Exclusive Boot Pick: Danner Mountain Pass S'mores

I’m an unapologetically loyal, borderline obsessive Danner Boot fan. They’re legends in the outdoor space, and rightfully so. Their boots are built like tanks, they last forever, and in my opinion, they’re some of the best and most classic-looking boots out there. They truly are built for the outdoors—built for adventure. Burly Vibram soles, stitch-down construction (resoleable), and fully waterproof, to name just a few of the many superior construction details that ensure a lifetime of use.

Just in the last few weeks I've hiked 26 miles in 24 hours on a quick weekend backpacking trip in Point Reyes National Seashore, trudged through a slushy, cold, wet New York City snowstorm on my way to our pop-up store, and rocked my Danner S'mores daily to our office in San Francisco where the extent of my adventure is deciding which coffee spot to hit to combat that 2 pm slump. From the trail, to extreme weather, to everyday life—I'm wearing my Danners.

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Logan Stoneman, Brands

Huckberry Exclusive Boot Pick: Chippewa Service Boot

The first product I ever ordered from Huckberry was a pair of Chippewa boots, which are still going strong three years later. And when we came out with our exclusive Huckberry Chippewa Service Boot, I knew I needed a second pair. I bought them because of the heritage USA story and classic service boot silhouette, but the secret sauce has been the immediate softness of the leather and long-lasting durability of the Vibram soles.

Most days after work, I'm putting these boots through the wringer—whether it's at local parks or up in the Marin Headlands scouting a sunset. I don't want to carry multiple pairs of shoes to work, and the Service Boot holds both a refined style for the office and a tough durability for a post-work ramble in the Marin Headlands. They’re stylish enough for holiday parties and grippy enough for spontaneous trips out the city. For the past couple months I’ve been working on installing drawers and shelving in the back of my truck at a local wood shop—Wood Thumb—down the road from Huckberry HQ, and my Service Boots are the perfect boot to take me from the office to the chopsaw.

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Mark King, Brands

Huckberry Exclusive Boot Pick: All-Weather Duck Boot

I wear boots almost every single day and I’ve never owned a pair of boots like the All-Weather Duckboot—they are hands down the most comfortable boot I own. We don’t get snow in San Francisco but we definitely get rain, and sometimes with no notice. I was so glad I had these boots on last week when it was pouring—I walked a mile home from our office and my feet stayed dry and were still feeling great by the time I got home.

Working at Huckberry means a lot of impromptu adventures—it’s not unusual for our creative team to need an extra hand on a shoot on a muddy hiking trail and the All-Weather Duckboot is the perfect boot for those days. They’re made with full-grain leather and suede, making them 100% waterproof while still being totally breathable and as comfortable as a sneaker. If you don’t want bad weather slowing you down this winter, these are the boots for you.  

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Brandon Dang, Marketing

Huckberry Exclusive Boot Pick: Rhodes Dean Boot


It's tough to find a boot versatile enough to fit a wide range of occasions and outfits. Some boots look too rugged to wear to a dressed up event—like your office holiday party or meeting the girlfriend’s parents—while others feel too classy to wear on the day-to-day. The Dean Boot really hits that sweet spot of looking damn good and feeling comfortable enough to reach for every morning when I get dressed.

We work right around the corner from Anchor Brewery and it’s our go-to watering hole for post-work beers (try their Blackberry Daze IPA next time you’re in San Francisco). I’ve almost always got my Dean Boots on for the post-work beer—they’re dressy enough for the office and also fit in seamlessly at the bar. I love 'em—and so do the half dozen people who’ve stopped me on the street to compliment them since I picked them up a month ago.

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