A Floating Cinema

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Oct 3, 2012 | By Maryam


It all began with a cocktail in a little bar in Bangkok. Now that could be the beginning to a wide range of stories (you can use your imagination), but in this case it marks the birth of a film festival. This past March’s Film on the Rocks festival, conceived over a drink by fashion designer and writer Chomwan Weeraworawit and festival co-founder Vincent Gillet, realized a one-time fantasy of projecting films onto the rocks that rise from the ocean near Thailand’s Yao Noi Island.

!http://i1114.photobucket.com/albums/k538/aforch/Archipelago%20Cinema/FloatingCinema9_zps2e784cf1.jpeg! !http://i1114.photobucket.com/albums/k538/aforch/Archipelago%20Cinema/Movie2.jpg!

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding landscape and regional building techniques, German architect Ole Scheeren modeled the structure of the floating theater off of rafts traditionally used for lobster fishing around the island. Festival-goers were ushered through the lagoon to the floating archipelago-like theater via boat for each showing of the four day and three night festival.

At the end of the festival the components of the structure - made from recycled materials - were disassembled and returned to the community to reuse as they needed them. Rumors abound that the Film on the Rocks festival may pop up in other unexpected locations as far as Europe in the future. What a way to watch a movie. (Or Breaking Bad.)

!http://i1114.photobucket.com/albums/k538/aforch/Archipelago%20Cinema/Movie3.jpg! !http://i1114.photobucket.com/albums/k538/aforch/Archipelago%20Cinema/FloatingCinema6_zps43a05b7a.jpeg!

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