Where to Take Your 72 Hour Tee

Need help deciding where to book your next adventure? Take a little inspiration from these Huckberry customers who've tested our 72 Hour tee all over the world
June 13, 2019Words by Huckberry StaffPhotos by Huckberry Staff

After touching down back in San Francisco from our latest 72 Hour adventure in Tofino, BC (and with a hint of alpine lake water still in our shirts) we were itching to start planning our next excursion. So we asked you where you’ve taken (or hope to take) your Proof 72-Hour Merino Tee. From the Western coast of Africa to the mountains of Appalachia, Spanish tapas in Barcelona to Po Boys in New Orleans, these are our favorite stories of Huckberry customers testing our go-to travel tee in just the place it was made for: out there.


📍The Gambia, Africa

“I make regular trips to the western tip of Africa for my job and am currently planning my sixth trip. This trip will be spent in an un-air-conditioned Land Rover bouncing over the dusty backroads of The Gambia. I am allowed one small backpack (30L) in which everything for 10 days (a tiny bit more than 72 hours) must fit. This pack gets thrown and strapped everywhere and me as well! I need clothes and gear that can be used in tough conditions, put through rigorous circumstances all the while looking halfway decent and smelling the same as I enter village after village.”
— Josh B.

📍Lima, Peru

“Land in Lima, Peru to hop on a local plane to Puerto Maldonado for some jungle trekking. Then to Cusco for some high altitude hiking. Finally back to Lima, just in time for dinner at Central.”
- Bernie Z.


📍New Orleans, LA

“I will take this tee down to NOLA this summer for my 30th where the sun is blazing and the humidity will keep the sweat rolling. It’ll be 72+ hours of trekking through crowded streets, sampling all the spicy fried goodness. Here’s to hoping it survives the ‘sniff’ test!”
- Josh W.


“My tee’s already had a 48-hour stint in the mountains of Colombia. First exploring the streets of Bucaramanga and second paragliding the skies outside San Gil and enjoying the serenity of Barichara. I have to say, this is my new favorite shirt. I kinda wish I’d had it when I was in Peru earlier this year, and I’ll definitely have it when I take my boys to Colorado in July. It’ll get at least one ascent of a fourteener then.”
- Brian S.

📍Blue Ridge Mountains, USA

“I bought this shirt for some upcoming international travel for light packing. I decided, however, to test it out on a four-day camping trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. After all that sweat and grime, the shirt actually held up great, truly did not smell and was comfortable to wear. I’m thinking about buying a second one and having two for longer trips.”
- Josh B.


“I’m headed to Barcelona & Girona next month for about 72 hours on the ground for meetings. It’ll be less of an adventure than one can have in Barcelona for three days, but I’m hoping to hit at least a few great tapas and cava spots...”
- Matt B.

📍North Yorkshire, UK

“I was looking forward to road testing the 72 hour tee for myself and it really did not disappoint! Wore them on a trip to North Yorkshire. Hiked part of the Cleveland Trail from Whitby to Robin Hoods Bay. Whitby famous of course as the port where Count Dracula landed in Bram Stokers famous gothic novel.”
- Nick H.

📍Banff, Alberta, Canada

“Me, myself, and I would take one of these workhorse tees from on a 72 tour of Banff National Park in Canada, hitting mountain hikes, flower-filled valleys, the awesome streets of Banff and taking a cue from the Huckberry team, a dip in some brisk glacial water. 72 hours is the perfect amount of time to recharge and Banff is the perfect place to do it.”
- Jeremy K.

📍Roadtrip, USA

“Driving cross country with my brother and sibling in 10 days. Hitting Gettysburg, Chicago, Sioux City, Rapid City, Yellowstone, Salt Lake City, and Lake Tahoe on our way out to Monterey where I’m starting grad school at the end of August. Rest assured the 72 hour tee will be in my rotation for the trip as we are trying to pack as light as possible.”
- Tobias F.

📍Mumbai, India

“Looking forward to trying it out! I travel to India (home is in Atlanta) about once a quarter (I am in Mumbai now). Always looking for comfortable clothing to endure the trek to and from—usually 30-40 hours door to door, depending on my destination within India. Your video convinced me—and Iceland is on my bucket list!”
- Robert R.

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