5 Things: Forrest Mankins

We sit down with the man behind the lens (and the wheel) of our Insider's Guide to Yellowstone National Park
July 26, 2016Words by Huckberry StaffPhotos by Forrest Mankins

If you’ve read our most recent Insider’s Guide – and you really should – then you’ll recognize Huckberry Ambassador Forrest Mankins as the man behind the lens (and the wheel) at Yellowstone National Park this month.

"As someone who spends most of time road tripping, I’ve developed a few key practices and rules along the way, and the number one is simple – go where the crowds aren’t."

Forrest is based out of Portland, Oregon, but has carved a day-to-day life straight out of an adventure novel – road tripping down seldom-traveled highways, seeking beauty on the fringes of civilization. "As someone who spends most of my time road tripping,” said Forrest, "I’ve developed a few key practices and rules along the way, and the number one is simple – go where the crowds aren’t."

After getting back from Yellowstone during the park’s busiest season – "yes, it’s crowded in the summer, and there’s a lot of driving, but it’s also one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever visited in my life” – we sat down with Forrest to talk about what he can’t get enough of right now.

Mini Hozuki Lantern from Snow Peak

"The Mini Hozuki is a strange-looking little lantern with a warm candlelight glow. It clips onto almost anything via a magnet, which is a plus when you’re driving an old vehicle. I’ve dropped mine several times and it’s still going strong."

Novo Amor

"I came across Novo Amor on my Spotify Discover playlist, and his work is absolutely beautiful. I’m really not a fan of music reviews in general, but I encourage you to check out the tracks “Anchor” and “Holland” for a first taste."


"I’ve never had a good way to make a single cup of coffee on the road until I got an Aeropress. I don’t know much about making coffee, but it’s sure hard to mess up this way. I use the inverted method and usually have some coffee from Colter Coffee Roasting in Kalispell, Montana with me."

Stuff You Should Know

"I feel like I might be the last person to find out about the Stuff You Should Know podcast, but since discovering it this spring, it’s kept me company on many long drives. They have over 800 episodes available to check out online, and it’s a great way to find new things that interest you."

Isaac Johnston

"Isaac is a third generation Montanan in the Flathead Valley, and a great friend, adventurer, photographer, and human. I met him last January and we quickly became friends. You can find his work on Instagram. Hit him up – he’s always down for a hike or hangout."

Bonus Round

What’s your dream road trip?

"I’ve been really fortunate in the way of road trips, but I’m always looking for new places. In the spring of 2015, a few friends and I got trapped in a blizzard 20 miles south of the Arctic Ocean in Alaska, and since then I’ve been dying to make it all the way to the top."

Do you collect anything?

"I don’t, actually. Living out of my truck severely limits space, so I have to be very careful about what I do and don’t keep. I sure would like to start collecting some old license plates one day."

What’s your favorite Instagram right now?

"Kevin Russ has been my favorite photographer for years, and I had the good fortune to camp with him earlier this year. The guy is a legend, always going, and it seems that there’s nothing that’s too gnarly for him. He posts only iPhone photos too – a great reminder that it’s not all about the gear."


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