5 Things: Chris Burkard

The adventurer, photographer, and Huckberry Ambassador weighs in on what he can't get enough of right now
February 16, 2016Words by Huckberry StaffPhotos by Chris Burkard

It's a difficult task, encompassing everything that Chris Burkard does in just one word. Adventurer? Definitely. Photographer? Naturally. Children's book author? Check. He's all that and more, and has been a constant source of inspiration here at Huckberry HQ since the early days, which is exactly why we asked him to become one of our HB Ambassadors.

Chris has the unparalleled ability to capture the stark contrast between the humble human figure and the awe-inspiring scale of nature.

With a home base on the Central Coast of California as the senior staff photographer for SURFER Magazine, Chris is nothing if not armed with an impressive knack for seeking out the next still-wild place and capturing it perfectly. With his surfboard ever at the ready, Chris has the unparalleled ability to capture the stark contrast between the humble human figure and the awe-inspiring scale of nature. (Case in point: Denali National Park.)

Chris recently took some time out of his schedule of glacier hopping, cold weather surfing, and general stoke chasing to tell us about five things that he's into right now for our most recent column addition to the Journal. 


"I have never done meth, but I would imagine that the addictiveness is close to what I feel when I eat dark chocolate covered peppermint Joe Joe's. The worst part is that Trader Joe’s only sells them for about two weeks at Christmas. I usually buy 10 boxes for the entire holiday and try to live off them as long as I can. 

"A close second when it comes to snacks? Perfect Bars. I have shoved so many energy bars down my throat over the years, but nothing really compares to the taste and quality of these things. They are actually edible and don’t taste like cardboard.

"I think it has something to do with the fact that they’re actually made of food and sometimes fall apart, but I love that you can digest these without a gallon of water within arm’s length. Hands down, the best bars I’ve ever tried."


"This little bodysurfing tool from Enjoy Handplanes is such magic.

"More often than not, I don’t get to travel with a surfboard or any kind of craft, so bringing a handplane along with me is an awesome way to catch a few waves, wherever I am.

"I have been using Enjoy’s products for a while now, and I still love them."



"I’m fascinated by the history of the American West — the culture, the cowboys, the Gold Rush, and pretty much everything that made the West what is was. It used to be full of adventure, mystery, and danger. And there's no better modern-day book about the West than The Emerald Mile.

"I’m not a patient reader, but even I could not put this book down. The Emerald Mile is a history of the Grand Canyon, and about the fastest boat ride ever down the 277 river miles of the Colorado and the Grand Canyon during a flood in 1983.

"Other favorites are any work from Edward Abbey and my other favorite book, Men to Match My Mountains."

[Editor's Note: The speed record set by the Emerald Mile — 36 hours and 38 minutes — was just broken earlier this year when a Denver man paddled his kayak down the river in 34 hours and two minutes.]


"Socks might be the last thing people care about — we just wear ‘em and wear ‘em and wear ‘em. But this means that we kind of forget that socks are what connect us to the earth.

"I found these Merino wool Feetures socks and noticed a simple change with how my feet felt after I'd been wearing them for a while. After a long day of shooting, the compression makes a hugely noticeable difference."


"Laugh. Go ahead. But until you travel with one of these Rad Rollers and experience what a little bit of self massage can do, you will never know true joy. Having some knots worked out makes such a huge difference when you’re on the road.

"Every time I don’t bring one of these, I wish I had; and every time I make space for it in my bag, I’m grateful. Driving, flying — doesn’t matter. These little tools are my best friends." [H]

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