5 Things: Andy Best

What the photographer, van lifer, and conservationist can’t get enough of right now
June 28, 2016Words by Huckberry StaffPhotos by Andy Best

When it comes to living life to the fullest, no one does it better than Huckberry Ambassador Andy Best. Living the full-on nomadic lifestyle out of his camper with his wife and dogs, Andy’s days are spent chasing the highest peaks, exploring the backcountry, and tracing the coastlines of the United States.

His knack for capturing moments in the outdoors is matched only by how awesome of a person he is – seriously. We dare you to find a better dude. And even though he takes photos for a living, he always find time to step out from behind the lens and just enjoy the moment.

Fresh off the heels of heading up our third Explorer’s Grant trip in Olympic National Park, we catch up with Andy to chat about some of his favorite things. [H]

Improving my craft

"My art is everything outside family. It excites me daily to better myself. To study, to grind, to pursue the impossible task of greatness. It's the reward from hard work and a quality product that drives me constantly to create and share."


"I've always been a gym rat but out here on the road you gotta get creative with your workouts. Squats with a generator? The high that comes from the physical burn keeps the mind and soul sharp. It's been a challenging but fun process."

Rebuilding a 1981 Honda Trail 70 motorcycle

"It helps me take my mind off the grind. To shift gears and tinker is quite a release. Not to mention, it's a pretty fun way to run the dogs too."

Being a nomad

"To live in the uncomfortable away from the expected is quite liberating. It's the freedom of pointing the wheels in any direction and hitting the road. All the way to simplifying what we own. To give it all away minus a few things was quite scary. Would I make it?  Could we be successful? It was worth finding out and I love how this journey has turned out so far."


"As much I can I've been getting more involved with projects that bring awareness to the world around us. To share what's out here with the hopes that others get out, fall in love, and in turn become an advocate for the land."

Bonus Round

Do you collect anything?
Not on purpose, but cameras and outdoor equipment seem to just stack up.

What's your favorite Instagram account right now?
I'd have to say NatGeo. The stories of conservation are pretty incredible and inspiring.

You walk into a gas station at 3 am. What do you buy?
A Five Hour shot and some jerky.

Favorite quote?
"The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it." Michelangelo.


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