4x4 Showdown: El Diablo Jeep

This devil is far more frightful than even our most fiendish 4x4 dreams.
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Feb 21, 2014 | By HB HQ

Jeeps usually come with the devil inside, standard issue. But the crafty folks who welded together El Diablo—well, when they do devil, they do devil big (they’re from Texas). 

This isn’t the peacemaking, clean and polished Jeep x Filson, and it’s not the full-romping, full-paycheck Full Metal Jacket Jeep (a Jeep over $100K seems a little antithetical to us). It is, as hell usually breeds, a Jeep that follows—or burns—its own path, in its own red, hellish light.

The kevlar finish on the exterior is 4700 PSI tensile strength, making, as Starwood suggests, “it impervious to the elements.” So we should hope, since the elements you shall find. With a 285hp engine, 18” wheels, a 4” pro comp performance lift and specially valved mono tube shocks, finding, driving, and destroying everything in sight comes naturally.

And if you need a fiendish soundtrack to alert the woodland creatures of your approach, the 10” subwoofer and upgraded speakers should do the trick. That, or the belch of the exhaust.

Up front El Diablo carries a 10,000lb winch with a handheld remote, equipped with 94’ feet of kevlar nylon rope—enough to drag attempted escapees back into hell’s bowels (or to pull accomplices out of the muck, if they should get so stuck). And, for clear sight during the darker arts, this devil’s lit with Hella Black Magic lights.

The AEV hood allows easy air intake and also cools the smoldering engine. Which comes in handy, we’re pretty sure, when redlining around corners with El Diablo peeling up pavement and path like a gigantic, possessed, bat out of hell.

Images ©: Starwood Jeeps.