The 15-minute Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Fitness instructor and lululemon Mindful Performance Manager Jian Pablico will have you feeling and looking good in just 15 minutes—no gym required
December 18, 2018Words by Jian PablicoPhotos by Marlon Soriano

Winter is upon us—the magical season when you’re forced to factor in extra time to scrape ice off your windshield before heading into work and when the sun sets seemingly mere hours after it rose.

We know we should be exercising through the darkest of the seasons, but when it’s pitch black at 6 pm and we’ve got dinner to cook, kids to entertain, and a presentation to finish, the last thing we want to do after a long work day is commute another half hour to a crowded gym.

So, in search of a better way, we tapped our buddy, fitness expert and lululemon Mindful Performance Manager Jian Pablico, to design a 15-minute winter workout series to keep us feeling (and hell, looking) good. Fifteen minutes? Yeah, we can handle that.

These are no-nonsense workouts for when hours at the gym after a long workday just isn’t gonna fly. You can do them at home—no special equipment needed. Jian keeps it simple (warning: simple does not mean easy—Jian kicked our butts when we worked out with him) and designs his workouts to give you the most bang for your buck. Or, the most bang for your… fifteen minutes.

Give ‘em a try and let us know how you did.



This workout follows the principal of high-intensity interval training, meaning you will have short bursts of high-intensity work followed by a less intense recovery period. It’s designed to push you in the moment and is proven to burn more calories throughout the day. Think about it like you are throwing logs in the fire, the bigger the logs, the longer the burn lasts.

Now, onto the workout. All you need for this one is a stopwatch and a competitive spirit—it’s you vs you.


• 5 minutes of 9:1 broad jumps/burpees

• 5 minutes of Mountain Climbers

• 5 minutes of 9:1 broad jumps/burpees


Part 1

Set a 5-minute timer, and, as fast as you can, without losing technique, do:

• 9 broad jumps then 1 burpee

• Then 8 broad jumps and 2 burpees

• And so on for 7-3, 6-4, 5-5……….1-9

The workout ends once you finish with 1 broad jump and 9 burpees or when the 5:00 minutes expires Spoiler alert: If you don’t finish, don’t worry—you’ll get another chance



1. Start with two feet on the ground behind a yoga mat or marker

2. Using power and control, jump past a designated point (your choice but jumping the length yoga mat is a great challenge)

3. Land softly and safely with both feet at the same time

4. Turn around quickly, and broad jump back to your original starting position


1. Begin in a standing position with feet shoulder width apart

2. Lower your body into a squatting position while, at the same time, placing both hands on the floor in front of you (shoulders over the wrist like a push-up)

3. Kick both feet back so that you are in a plank

4. While keeping your body rigid, lower your chest for a push-up

5. Hop back up to position 2

6. Rise up to standing position and take a small hop—clap hands at the top of the jump to signify a rep well-done

Mountain Climber

Part 2

Set a 5-minute timer and do the following core exercise, not for reps but for control

• 45 seconds mountain climbers

• 14 seconds rest

Repeat for a total of 5 minutes




1. Start in a high plank: shoulder over the wrists, core tight, glutes engaged

2. Take your right foot off the ground and using your core, bring the right knee up to gently touch the back of your right elbow for 1 repetition

3. Bring the right leg back to the original position

4. repeat with the left leg

 Broad Jump

Part. 3

Repeat Part 1 and try to beat your last time


Jian is a rad dad, fitness instructor, and works with lululemon as a mindful performance manager, where he creates and leads transformational experiences for teams and individuals.


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