The 15-minute Workout: Keeping It 300

Fitness instructor and lululemon Mindful Performance Manager Jian Pablico’s got 300 reps to crush your fitness goals
April 18, 2019Words by Jian PablicoPhotos by Marlon Soriano

We’re back for the fourth installment of our 15-minute workout series with fitness expert and lululemon Mindful Performance Manager Jian Pablico. (Make sure to check out the firstsecond, and third workouts if you missed them.)

These are no-nonsense workouts for when hours at the gym after a long workday just isn’t gonna fly. You can do them at home—no special equipment needed. Jian keeps it simple (warning: simple does not mean easy—Jian kicked our butts when we worked out with him) and designs his workouts to give you the most bang for your buck. Or, the most bang for your… fifteen minutes.

Give ‘em a try and let us know how you did.

Mountain Climbers


This workout is called “Keeping it 300” because if you finish all the prescribed reps, it all equals 300 reps (note we said if). You may not finish the workout at your first go around but the best part is, you can have another go at a later date and you have some data (aka motivation) in order to inspire you to go further the next go around.


• 50 jump squats

• 50 alternating v situps

• 50 push-ups

• 50 lunges

• 50 mountain climbers

• 50 burpees

+ Every 3rd minute, sprint 200 meters (or a similar cardio exercise that that takes you about 30-45 seconds to complete). Start with the run, then run again at the three, six, nine, and 12-minute marks.

Set a timer and take your first sprint. After that, start chipping away at your reps in the order they’re listed above. Every three minutes, take another sprint and then get back to your reps where you left off. The goal is to finish all 300 reps before the 15 minutes expires. The faster you do the movements (with form and safety in mind), the faster you will finish the workout, and, the faster you run, the more time you have to finish your reps. Good luck!

(And if you need a refresher on keeping your form in top shape through all 50 push-ups, we’ve got Jian’s step-by-step guide to the basics below.)


1. Begin standing tall with feet shoulder-width apart

2. Squat down until your hips are level with your knees, while keeping your heels to the ground and spine straight

3. On the way back up, before reaching standing position, explode off the floor with a jump and land softly back into the next squat


1. Begin lying down with shoulders, glutes, and legs on the ground

2. Using your core and balancing your weight on your glutes, simultaneously lift your right leg and left arm to touch left hand to right foot (or shins)

3. Using your core (not gravity) lower back down to starting position

4. Repeat movement with the opposite arm and leg



1. Start in an upper plank position, with your hands below shoulders and your core engaged

2. Keeping the core engaged and elbows in, lower your chest to the floor

3. Push back up to starting position


1. Begin from a standing position and make sure there is room to move forwards

2. Take a big step with one leg for the lunge

3. Lower your body until the back knee hovers just above the ground (be sure to keep your front knee above your ankle, not in front of it)

4. Bring the back leg forward to original standing position to count as a rep

5. Step the opposite leg for the next lunge


1. Start in a high plank: shoulder over the wrists, core tight, glutes engaged

2. Take your right foot off the ground and using your core, bring the right knee up to gently touch the back of your right elbow for 1 repetition

3. Bring the right leg back to the original position

4. repeat with the left leg


1. Begin in a standing position with feet shoulder width apart

2. Lower your body into a squatting position while, at the same time, placing both hands on the floor in front of you (shoulders over the wrist like a push-up)

3. Kick both feet back so that you are in a plank

4. While keeping your body rigid, lower your chest for a push-up

5. Hop back up to position 2

6. Rise up to standing position and take a small hop—clap hands at the top of the jump to signify a rep well-done

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