10 Travel Photographers With Follow-worthy Instagrams

From remote surfing destinations to urban gems, the moments captured by these incredible travel photographers will make you want to pack your bags
August 26, 2018Words by Jen Woo

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Satiate your wanderlust by scrolling through the epic feeds of these travel photographers. You’ll no doubt find some inspiration for your next adventure.

Photo: Chris Burkard

1. Huckberry Ambassador Chris Burkard | @chrisburkard

An experienced thrill seeker, Chris Burkard is a surfer-gone-rogue. Tired of the blasé destinations that others frequent, he set out to find swells in far-flung regions of the planet that most would never even dream of visiting—often, they can be quite dangerous. It’s his fearlessness and insatiable desire to dive into the unknown that has produced a jaw-dropping portfolio of images that have helped him lead a TED Talk, work with Fortune 500 clients, design product lines, and publish a range of books. Here’s to pursuing untapped waves and landscapes. 

Sailboat creeping along the edge of an iceberg in Greenlands Sermilik Fjord. Photo: Chris Burkard

Three tiny travelers on a mountain ridge in Utah. Photo: Chris Burkard

Surfing in Seward, Alaska. Photo: Chris Burkard

Bicyclist at Superkilen public park in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo: Karen Ng

2. Karen Ng | @k_a_r_e_n_g 

Pop over to Karen Ng’s feed for an alabaster-washed view of the world. Her milky feed exudes minimalist vibes, but a closer look shows that she’s not missed any of the intricacies of her surroundings. From architecture to crosswalks, wilderness landscapes to tablescapes, she presents a fresh perspective through her lens. She is a visual storyteller, inviting viewers to step into her world for a more intimate understanding of her artful compositions where a boat can look like a leaf on a tree and everyday environments are transformed into geometric sequences dancing around her.  

6 a.m. on the beach in Da Nang, Vietnam. Photo: Karen Ng

Just a speck in Shenzhen, Guangdong. 
Photo: Karen Ng

Just hanging out in Seoul, Korea. 
Photo: Karen Ng

Grandpa Huang fishing on the Li River in Guangxi, China. Photo: Jordan Hammond

3. Jordan Hammond | @jordhammond

For bold, exotic landscapes teeming with mountains, rice paddies at sunrise, endless deserts, and technicolor buildings, look no further than the feed of Jordan Hammond. He wanders far and wide with a portfolio of places so diverse you’ll never tire of scrolling through his feed. His images breathe a sense of mystery and wonder, creating fantastical panoramas out of cityscapes and remote territories. 

A pair of lovers in Dubai. Photo: Jordan Hammond

Rainbow Mountain in Peru. Photo: Jordan Hammond

Magic in Bali, Indonesia. Photo: Jordan Hammond

Salk Institute in La Jolla, San Diego. Photo: Olivia Lopez

4. Olivia Lopez | @oliviavlopez

She is a fashion influencer, yes, but Olivia Lopez is also packing a sharp eye and the photo skills to match to capture her jet-setting lifestyle. Her knack for style translates into an ardor for luxe interiors and faraway escapes both urban and tropical. She finds astounding hotels, remarkable restaurants, and gorgeous landscapes to share with her followers. A quick scroll through her feed shows plush interiors, bold architecture, delectable eats—and of course, chic outfits galore.  

View from a Miami hotel window. Photo: Olivia Lopez

Luxe digs in Beverly Hills. Photo: Olivia Lopez

Lopez cozied up at Hôtel Les Roches Rouges in Saint-Raphaël, France. Photo: Olivia Lopez

"Let them stare." Photo: Paola Franqui

5. Paola Franqui | @monaris_

Personal narratives fill Paola Franqui’s Instagram feed. She captures humans in their natural states: sitting on the bus, reading a newspaper, looking out a window, or smoking a cigarette in the street. She shoots on the fly, but every image is thoughtfully composed to frame the subject; and each emanates a sense of dreaminess, as if you could walk into her subject’s thoughts. She leads the viewer’s eye across her shots with intention, revealing the beating heart of a city.

Connected in New York. Photo: Paola Franqui

A perfect match in Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Paola Franqui

New York state of mind. Photo: Paola Franqui

The world's ride. Photo: Steve McCurry

6. Steve McCurry | @stevemccurryofficial

Steve McCurry is perhaps best known for “Afghan Girl,” the image of the girl with piercing green eyes that appeared on the cover of National Geographic. The award-winning photojournalist has covered armed conflicts around the world, including in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Cambodia, and the Philippines. He nearly drowned in India, and made it out of an airplane crash in Yugoslavia. It’s not always strife in his photos, however; McCurry shows us just how beautiful humanity is through portraying intimate moments in tradition and culture.

Mudmen in Papua, NewGuinea, 2017. Photo: Steve McCurry

Colorful acrobatics. Photo: Steve McCurry

He who leads.
 Photo: Steve McCurry

Tibetan monks debate at Sakya Monastery in Bylakuppe, India, 2001. Photo: Steve McCurry


That footboard though. Photo: Eva Tsang

7. Eva Tsang | @thetrottergirl

Curator of city guides, Eva Tsang discovers gems from Portland to Paris, honing in on the best cafes, hotels, shops, and sweet treats. She captures quiet settings in otherwise bustling getaways—cozy corners, warm meals, empty alleyways. Interiors abound here, from textured nooks to airy, minimalist styles. You’ll be able to see all the ‘Gram-worthy spots from Portugal to Spain, and experience it all like a local.  

Modern tropical fantasy in Algarve Coast, Portugal. Photo: Eva Tsang

Luxe evergreen nooks in Paris. Photo: Eva Tsang

Strolling the streets of Florence, Italy. Photo: Eva Tsang


A water and sunlight cocktail at Yellowstone Falls. Photo: Alexis Coram

8. Alexis Coram | @alexiscoram

Alexis Coram’s images present the world as a magical wonderland filled with surfers under the Northern Lights, dazzling stars, and raging waterfalls crashing over jagged peaks. Her captures have a powerful stillness to them—bold, punchy hues and sharp contrasts in soft settings. Each landscape is meant to evoke emotion and contemplation. Accordingly, she furthers the dreamy nature of her environments by fusing some of her photos together to create ethereal worlds that could very well be Narnia. 

Coram melds three of her photos here: daytime photos of the Natural Bridge in California, a surfer on a California beach, and an Aurora storming over Alaska. Photo: Alexis Coram

Cascading waterfall Faroe Islands. Photo: Alexis Coram

Psychdelic skies in Kirkjufell, Iceland. Photo: Alexis Coram

Another multi-layered image where Coram uses her most licensed image, Rainbow Cosmos—which is comprised of several hundred images from the Aurora in Alaska—and melds it with two other photos. Photo: Alexis Coram


Flying high over the Namibian coast where thundering waves of the sea meet the rippling dunes of the desert Sandwich Harbour. Photo: Hannes Becker

9. Hannes Becker | @hannes_becker

No matter the destination—be it camping in the Austrian Alps, kayaking in freezing waters in Antarctica, or trekking through a clay pan in Namibia—Hannes Becker captures striking dreamscapes. Unsurprisingly, like any good photographer, he spends hours and days prepping before a trip, researching cool spots and weather, and running through all possible scenarios. Growing up in a rural area in Germany, he is naturally drawn to raw environments, and strives to harness moods through composition, putting people in the rule of thirds and emulating old film photography. Beyond shooting pretty places, he documents moments, tying in his personal experiences with well-considered layouts. Generally, people are shot from afar to create a sense of scale between the person and nature. 

An aerial view of daily changing glacier rivers channeling their way through the highlands of Iceland. Photo: Hannes Becker

The Inca town at Machu Picchu, Peru. Photo: Hannes Becker

A 600-meter cliff above the fjord at Preikestolen, Norway.  Photo: Hannes Becker

A massive crater lake in Iceland—see the tiny white car for scale. Photo: Hannes Becker

Taking in the cerulean seas and gilded sands of Gold Coast, Queensland. Photo: Melissa Findley

10. Melissa Findley | @melissafindley

Traverse the globe from Australia—Melissa Findley’s homeland—to Nepal, Africa, Samoa, and beyond. Working with multiple tourism boards and traveling to raise awareness for several charities, Findley’s work has benefitted organizations in Cambodia, Nepal, Uganda, Laos, and more. Her photos span across land and sea, from starry nights camping near home to crystalized glacier parks in Patagonia.

Swimming in Bitter Springs, crystal clear spring-fed thermal pools in Mataranka, NT, Australia.
Swimming in Bitter Springs, crystal clear spring-fed thermal pools in Mataranka, NT, Australia. Photo: Melissa Findley

Peach-toned landscape in Delhi, India. Photo: Melissa Findley

Hanging at one of her favorite beaches in Australia. Photo: Melissa Findley



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