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Sun December 15
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The Tightrope Between Form and Function

A proposed hotel in Lago di Gardna, Italy forces architecture to the edge. Literally.

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Falling From 120,000 Feet

Red Bull's Stratos project is dropping Austrain skydiver Felix Baumgartner from space.

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Mystical, Magical, Mother

The awe-inspiring time-lapses of Norway-based landscape photographer Terje Sorgjerd.

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Creative Spaces

The partnership of environment and creativity is a close one, and these offices know it well.

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The Barefoot Gospel

Dan Opalacz will convert you from a hefty, over-padded shoe heathen to a pure sandal believer.

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The Sword Maker

An in-depth look into the process and craft of Japanse swordsmiths.

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The Music of Life

The story behind NASA's most impractical, romantic, and idealistic mission.

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Why Cameron's Descent Captures Our Attention

Explorations off the Challenger Deep + James Cameron's lens = must-see-to-believe photos.

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GIFs have take center stage, and we've collected some screen-worthy moving images.

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Zombie Parking Lot

When we leave cars to rot, Mother Nature comes back to claim what was once hers.

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The Vintage Revival

Matthew Scott of Overland Journal extolls the benefits of rugged, vintage adventure machines.

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Fire Lookouts

A look into the living relics of fire lookouts, a sect of observation that's on a serious decline.

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Backpacking Waimanu Valley

Unreal Hawaii chronicle their best backpacking secrets, giving a pictorial escape to the paradise.

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Off The Beaten Path

Abstract, weird, and out-of-the-ordinary, we're compiling a compendium of quirky hotels.

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New York in the 80's

A photo montage of the Big Apple in its pre-gentrification grittiness.

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Overland Adventure in North America

Scott Brady of Overland Journal assembles his top ten adventures.

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Taylor Stitch Speaks

Epic shirts, and five rules for survival in an unforgiving retail landscape.

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Where to Ski This Winter

Heather Hansman of Skiing Magazine breaks down the pow options around major metropolitan areas.