The Journal

Sat October 19
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Stuff All People Like

Comedian Reggie Watts makes fun of TED talks, while giving TED talks.

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Dieter Rams and the Elements of Good Design

Meet Dieter Rams, the man who changed the game of industrial design (before Steve Jobs).

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In the Yosemite Valley

The Huckberry creative department gets some fresh air and Yosemite inspiration.

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Carroll Shelby - An American Icon

Carroll Shelby passed away in early May, but his legacy and his cars roll on.

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He Who Walks on Water

Photoshop's easy. Philippe Ramette gets technical with real optical illusions.

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What Kind of Cabin Are You?

Cabin Porn, a tumblr curated by Vimeo designer Zach Klein, features high-res pictures of, you guessed it, incredible cabins.

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The Coasts and Hinterlands of New Zealand and Australia

Photographer Andrew Smith captures New Zealand and Australia's beaches and hinterlands

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Carousels & Cocaine in East Berlin

East Germany’s Kulturpark Planterwald once held over a million viewers a year. Now it's in ruins.

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Alpine Roads

Frank Schott's new photobook has roads long, windy, and steep. Hey, they're gorgeous.

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A 250-Square-Foot Dream Home

Michelle de la Vega transformed an old, dirty garage into a fully furnished and functional home.

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You Can’t Swim Laps in This Pool

The San Alfonso Del Mar resort has a sixty-six million gallon swimming pool. Marco? Marco?

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The Most Lethal Plane In The World

One-hundred and eighty-seven F-22 fighters have been grounded. The question is, Why?

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Last Of The Cowboys

A group of wranglers, 300 horses and a photographer descend on Three Forks, Montana.

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Superlatively cold weather captured superbly by Boryana Katsarova. We couldn't resist.

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An Afternoon With Tellason

Good pizza, great beer, and denim are all in play with Pete Searson of Tellason Denim.

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100,000 Fireflies in Tokyo

A recent festival in Tokyo features floating LED lights, to awesome long-exposure effect.

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Stirring Landscapes

We sit down with Ákos Major, a Hungarian born, Austrian based designer and photographer, to discuss his work.

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Off The Grid

National Geographic photographer Eric Valli shows the lives of those who operate off the grid.