The Journal

Wed December 11
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Miniature Worlds

Uh, these are definitely not like the dioramas you made in elementary school science.

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Smug Mugs

Come look at the lineup: here are some gems from the forensic photography archive at the Sydney Justice & Police Museum.

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A Peek Inside the Surreal World of Amy Bennett

Take a look at these stunning oil paintings by Amy Bennett, a cross between real and surreal.

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Supersonic Boom

Check out these incredible shots of Felix Baumgartner's exploits and of fighter jets flying through vapor trails.

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Breakaway from Coffee

Have dreams of being a bit healthier? Matcha does the trick. Here's the story behind the frothy, anti-oxidant packed green tea.

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Try: Hibiki Whiskey

Channel your inner Bill Murray with this Japanese blended whiskey.

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A Supersonic Leap from the Edge of Space

Meet Felix Baumgartner, the first human to break the sound barrier (without any mechanical propulsion) in space.

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Volcanic Art

These aerial photographs of Iceland’s streams and volcanic ash are so beautiful they look like paintings.

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Shearers Quarters

Architecturally modern, but rustically beautiful - check out this shearer's space in the hinterlands of Tasmania.

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World's Best Dad

Laugh at loud at these quality father-daughter moments, caught on camera.

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A Floating Cinema

Two men collaborated to create a film festival that floats on the water near Thailand's Yao Noi Island.

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Graveyard Point

Guest writer Corey Arnold - a fisherman himself - visits a Southern Alaskan Salmon cannery.

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The Danxia Mountains of China

Four... stripey mountain majesties?

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Man Kills Grizzly With Hands and Teeth

Yeah, so apparently a man killed a grizzly with his hands and teeth. Yes, hands and teeth.

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Tommy Atkins

Ballin' bulldogs get spiffed up for the camera in 1905.

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Travel to Space Laika Boss

This dog has the guts that none of us do - this is the story of the first living creature in space.

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Of Interest: Damien Hirst

Hirst is the richest living contemporary artist, with his exhibits getting both raves and rants in Britain.

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The Kumbh Mela

This colorful Hindu pilgrimage occurs every three, six or twelve years, and is one of the oldest traditions in India (dating back to 640 AD).