The Journal

Thu June 4

The Lost Art of Self-Sufficiency

Bryan Black of ITS Tactical shares the skill-sets needed to become self-sufficient.

Apocalyptic Lightning Storm

Hell hath no fury like a volcanic lightning storm.

A Small World for Volkswagen Owners

A look back at Small World, Volkswagen's zeitgeisty car magazine.

Train Hopping

Photographer Mike Brodie spent much of his teens train hopping across the U.S., and recording his journey on a Polaroid SX-70.

The Last U.S. Cavalry Charge

A tragic conclusion to horse-mounted warfare.

Project Grizzly

Following an encounter with a grizzly, Troy Hurtubise spent 15 years constructing a bear-proof suit, and drove himself into bankruptcy doing it.

Epic Fart Battles of History

This ancient Japanese scroll may contain the greatest fart joke ever told.

Hot Tub Boats

Hot tub boats. Who wants in on this?

Gentlemanly Jack

A story about lawyers acting in good spirits, from one of our favorite spirits: Jack Daniel's.

A Ditty on Denim

Pete Searson of Tellason shares the history and zeitgeist of denim, and why the Japanese do it so damn good.

Sharks. Sharks. Sharks.

This first photo by Alexander Safonov is fear incarnate.

The Huckberry Rock Wall

We see your Ping Pong table, and raise you our Aggro Crag.

Thomas Edison Films Mark Twain

The only existing video of Mark Twain was shot by none other than Thomas Edison.

Japanese Janitor Channels Will Hunting, Creates Intricate Maze

A Japanese janitor secretly drew an incredibly intricate maze over a period of seven years.

House of Windows

Believe it or not, this cabin isn't a joint venture between Ron Swanson and the American Pickers crew.

1952 Ferrari 225 Sport Berlinetta 'Tuboscocca'

Our buddy and editor-in-chief over at Silodrome tells us about a vintage Ferrari that boyhood dreams are made of.

The Safe House

This house transforms into an impenetrable fortress at the click of a button. But if we've learned anything the movies, the safe house is never safe.

Ernest Hemingway in Key West

Ernest Hemingway's house in Key West, Florida was a little slice of man heaven.