The Journal

Tue September 17
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The Danxia Mountains of China

Four... stripey mountain majesties?

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Man Kills Grizzly With Hands and Teeth

Yeah, so apparently a man killed a grizzly with his hands and teeth. Yes, hands and teeth.

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Tommy Atkins

Ballin' bulldogs get spiffed up for the camera in 1905.

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Travel to Space Laika Boss

This dog has the guts that none of us do - this is the story of the first living creature in space.

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Of Interest: Damien Hirst

Hirst is the richest living contemporary artist, with his exhibits getting both raves and rants in Britain.

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The Kumbh Mela

This colorful Hindu pilgrimage occurs every three, six or twelve years, and is one of the oldest traditions in India (dating back to 640 AD).

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Roomy, with a View

The skinniest house, ever.

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Finding Nemo, the World's Deepest Swimming Pool

Practice your deep sea scuba (nowhere near the ocean) in this 100 ft. deep pool.

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Phone Booths of São Paulo

Although phone booths are slowly becoming extinct, these creative booths in San Paolo are proving otherwise.

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The Sombrero-shaped Island of Aogashima

The beautiful, untouched island of Aogashima only holds 200 inhabitants.

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The Most Dangerous Hike in the World

If you're scared of heights, forget about it. Check out this crazy hike, complete with bridges that might as well be made of toothpicks.

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The 1906 Quake, Then and Now

Staggering photoshop scenes fusing the 1906 San Francisco earthquake destruction and the city today.

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Funny Foreign Beer Commercials

Hilarious brewski commercials from across the globe.

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Shake, Rattle and Roll

Funny photos of dogs drying off!

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A Hillside Home in Hiding

A modern Swiss Alps home where the fields are alive with the sound of, well, quiet.

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A Submarine Base for Sale

In Tromso, Norway, there's a humble $17.3 million dollar home waiting for a buyer.

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On Point: Directors' Perspectives

Filmmaker and video essayist Kogonada looks at the cinematic habits of three iconic auteurs.

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Off the Maine Land

Father and son duo Bruce and Alex Scott Porter built their dream house upon a rock.