The Journal

Thu June 4

Fjällräven: Behind the Scenes

The perfect setting to put our Fjällräven gear to work.

Robert Landsburg's Brave Final Shots

As soon as he realized that escape from Mt. St. Helens was impossible, Robert Landsburg created a human shield to protect his camera for posterity

Living Root Bridges

The hills aren't the only things that are alive in Northeast India. Behold: living root bridges.

What Ali Wore

A doctor turned tailor turns viral style celebrity.

Missile Mail

Sure, missile mail sounds cool, but what happens when a package (missile) goes missing?

Cafe Racers, Part 2 of 2

An original two-part series exploring the many faces of Brooklyn’s motorcycle culture.

Trains at Night

Bay Area photographer Aaron Durand turns trains at night into laser beams.

Hovercraft Golf Cart

Hovercraft golf carts. Golf needs this. Defending Masters champ, Bubba Watson, has this.

Antique Diving Suits

The scariest part of the journey to the bottom of the ocean was putting the suit on.

From Couch to Castle

We culled together a few of our favorite listings from Airbnb.

Cafe Racers

An original two-part series exploring the many faces of Brooklyn's motorcycle culture.

Impossible Photography

The wondrously surreal art works of Erik Johansson.

Fake Ambulances in Russia

Ambulances refit like limousines give VIP passengers the emergency treatment.

FOUND: National Geographic’s new Tumblr

Check this Tumblr out if only for the awkward photo of Alexander Graham Bell kissing within a tetrahedral kite.

Trippy Space Colonies

A look back into the future of space colonization.

Rogue Waves

Is there anything scarier than being alone at sea and staring down a rogue wave? Well, big wave rider Mark Visser wants to surf them.

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

The largest diamond ever found is not on Earth, but in a galaxy far, far away.

Moonsuit For A Well-Dressed Man

This really happened.