The Journal

Thu June 21
Tile cabin

Four Walls to Freedom

A collection of our favorites from the best in four wall shelters, Cabin Porn.

Tile treehousexthree

Shelter: Treehouse x Three

Why have one treehouse when you can have three?

Tile abatonsportable

Shelter: Abaton’s Portable House

A micro-home that you build yourself, then take with you wherever you go.

Tile reindeer header

Shelter: Wild Reindeer Pavilion

In Norway, nature, animals and architecture are all equal parts awesome.

Tile aroomwithaview

Shelter: A Room With A View

TreeHouse Point brings legitimacy to your childhood dream.

Tile blockislandescape

Shelter: Block Island Escape

His home in RI is Jens Risom's crowning mark—timeless style teaching a new generation.


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Tile chairs   2

Shearers Quarters

Architecturally modern, but rustically beautiful - check out this shearer's space in the hinterlands of Tasmania.