The Journal

Fri May 25
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Shelter: Byron Bay Beach House

Winter got you down? Escape to this beautiful home on the Australian coastline

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Best of 2014: Meadow House

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, because they'll wreck their unbelievable getaway cabin

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Shelter: Sled House

Move over Santa, we take a look inside the New Zealand home built on a sleigh

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Shelter: Meadow House

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, because they'll wreck their unbelievable getaway cabin

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Shelter: Sugar Hill

Escape to a dream cabin home, high up in the White Mountains

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Shelter: Pole House

We take a look inside a stunning home perched high above the seas in the land down under


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Shelter: Steel Cabin

Find beauty in this impenetrable getaway in Mazama, WA

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Shelter: Clingstone House

Surrounded by the Atlantic, this Rhode Island home isn't your traditional island escape

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Shelter: Whitefish Yurt

Discover a rustic yurt, built high in the Montana backcountry

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Shelter: Normandy House

This picturesque farmhouse could only belong to the French countryside

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Shelter: Overwater Cabin, Pune Lakeside, India

This quaint getaway in Western India straddles both land and water

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Shelter: Sea Fortress

Aspiring Bond villains with $800,000 to spare, take note — this fixer-upper is your next crib

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Shelter: Refuge Pavilion

A space that accommodates a state of mind and time.

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Shelter: Cricket Trailer

Mobile living inspired by the guys in outer space.

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Real Life Robinson Crusoe

1,500 miles off the coast of Australia, David Glasheen has found peace on his own island oasis.

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Living in a Boeing 727

Fifteen years ago, electrical engineer, Bruce Campbell, turned this 727 into his dream vacation home.

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Shelter: Carpinteria Foothills

A sleek coastal home adhering to the belief that, “It takes a perfect balance to create the ultimate lifestyle."

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The Conqueror

Built to withstand Mother Nature's brutal terrain - this all-world camper is damn near bulletproof.