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The 45 RPM record changed music forever. It gave rise to a new class of creators and freethinking rebels, delivering one well-crafted hit at a time. Forty Five is rooted in this same spirit, homing in on the one thing they do best—classic, well-made tees built to be worn time and time again. Their designs were workshopped for over four years to achieve the perfection of well-worn vintage t-shirts from the ‘60s and ‘70s. But they’re tuned for today with a modern fit that’s never too boxy or too slim. Because whether it’s a Motown hit or your own next big breakthrough, creative lightning seems to strike the same places—studios, shop floors, and local spots where you spend hours working out ideas, wearing a simple, hardwearing tee.

These soft yarns are longer and smoother than regular cotton, for comfort that rivals well-worn vintage tees from the '60s and '70s
Textured cotton jersey is not only easy on the eyes, it also lets in more airflow for a lighter wear
This speckled tee is made from a uniquely soft slub blend—with a handsome fit that’s ideal for layering or wearing solo
The singer-songwriter takes us on a deep dive into the mid-century Los Angeles sound
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