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Selvage quality, minus the break-in time. That’s what Flint and Tinder chased when designing their innovative Stretch Selvage Denim. After hitting dead ends everywhere they looked, they custom built their own quality selvage denim on 100-year-old vintage shuttle looms—adding 1% stretch for comfort out of the box. Cut, sewn, and washed for softness in LA, this is premium selvage you’ll spend 100% of your time actually wearing and 0% of your time breaking in.

No Break-In Time Needed
Spend 100% of your time wearing them, 0% of your time breaking them in. These jeans are soft and comfortable from the jump thanks to the perfect ratio of stretch and hard-wearing cotton that gets better with every wash
Made on 100-Year-Old Shuttle Looms
Flint and Tinder built their own denim fabric from the ground up on vintage looms exclusively for this collection, with a custom cuff-worthy gold selvage ID
Pictured: Rinse in Slim
Flint and Tinder Denim Collage
Custom Washes Only Found Here
Every pair of Flint and Tinder Stretch Selvage Denim is crafted and washed for softness in Los Angeles for lived-in comfort and classic fades from day one
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