Bruce Springsteen knows — if you want to reignite American manufacturing, you can't start a fire without a spark. It's why Flint and Tinder only partners with the best garment makers in the U.S. to bring you meticulously-crafted, great-fitting clothing made with soul.

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Trucker Jackets

An American icon, reimagined

From $168

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Soft Washed Oxfords

Handsome oxfords that can take a beating


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City Slub Tees

Best hidden gems around the country


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Supima Air Knit Collection

The cashmere of cotton

From $29

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Heavyweight Tee

Introducing a knockout

From $19.98

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Slub Pocket Tees

Ridiculously soft textured tees


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Like old friends and alcohol, Huckberry and Flint and Tinder were meant to be together, which is why we're excited to announce that Huckberry is the exclusive retailer of the American-made brand.

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