The Kombinationskraftwagen

Volkswagen’s Combination Motor Vehicle, the Kombi, now puts its life in our hands.

"Volkswagen Brazil—the last country where the vehicles were still being made—ceases production of the classic Kombi van…" - CNN

The Type 2 was approved in 1949 as the second model in Volkswagen’s lineup; the Type 1 was the Beetle. It began rolling off the Wolfsburg line in 1950. Sixty-three years and five generations later, Volkswagen Brazil was the last factory making the Kombi. The manufacturer ended production on the final day of 2013.

The Kombi was the longest-produced model in automotive history with 3.5 million vehicles sold.

Home Bar Essentials

The booze, tools, glassware, and produce to bring the best cocktails into your home.

One thing sitting dusty on the Huckberry to-do list is the task of assembling a better home bar. We dream of something that gives us the solid working base to build the cocktails we most enjoy—something that serves as inspiration to move beyond the G & Ts, the Jack & Cokes. Something that shows we’ve graduated from early adulthood, and have become more of a cultured, cosmopolitan man. 

We want rack of bottles and shiny metal tools and translucent glasses and fresh, glistening fruit, but, what with the money, the time, the know-how—our dreams settle back on the to-do list, and we drink bourbon straight from the flask.

The Boston Garden

The circuses, horse shows, concerts, sports, rodeos (and more), all grown in the Garden.

The Boston Madison Square Garden opened in November of 1928 with a boxing match wherein Dick Finnegan beat Andre Routis. The event was fitting; a boxing promoter named Tex Rickard built the Garden (It didn’t take long for the name to get shortened). Designed for intimacy, Rickard wanted everyone to see “the sweat on the boxers’ brows.”

The Garden may have opened with boxing on November 17th, but it was the event three days later that set the tone for the arena: more than 17,000 fans showed up to see the Bruins face off against the Montreal Canadiens. Fights broke out between police and the crowd; windows and doors were broken as fans forced their way in. With only 13,909 seats for 17,000 eager fans, it was said to be like the storming of the Bastille.

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Nature Acting Naturally

Jaime’s insight has changed the way we’ll look at landscape photography. Forever.

Jaime Beechum’s an enigmatic photographer, both in composition and persona. She rides behind the lens quietly—no loud bio-page, no oversized self-portrait. She’s an astute observer of nature and, in talking with her, an equally sharp student of photography and its subjects.

They say to never meet your heroes, disappointment always ride too close behind. But in interviewing Jaime, I only became more entranced by her work and thoughts. She was articulate in the way that shed a deeper meaning on her work. There were no pat responses.

War is Crappy

But at least the troops found some humor in it. Meet the Toilet Bomb.

The Toilet Bomb: no, it's not that horrendous thing your college roommate did after seven straight days of $2 burritos. 

As the Vietnam war effort spiraled slowly down the drain, around and around, the good men of the USS Midway decided to celebrate the sixth millionth pound of bomb deployed (that's a lot of bombs) with a very special load.

From Mountaintop to Seashore

The guys at Juniper Ridge throw a coastal scent distillation party. Part 2 of 2.

In a hands-on demonstration of their commitment to natural frangrance production, Juniper Ridge shows us their process, mentality, and the making of their newest release, Winter Redwood. Day Two is below, or see Day One. To get your own Winter Redwood, click here.

“Who’s hungover? Wait, no. Let’s see—who isn’t hungover?” Obi’s hair is styled and his beard looks recently combed. He doesn’t look hungover. We are all hungover. Yesterday’s hiking, gathering, and tincturing led to late night revelry around the fire. Hall dispensing encyclopedic knowledge on rock music history, Obi passing around a bottle of whiskey.

The Tincturing of Mt. Tam

Taking the wilderness of our backyard, and putting it in a bottle. Part 1 of 2.

Left to Right: Tom, Hall, and Obi of Juniper Ridge Wilderness Perfumes

Mid-winter we headed up the coast to the impeccable wilderness of Mount Tamalpias to meet with our friends, the rugged wilderness perfumers of Juniper Ridge. We spent two days hiking off-trail, eliminating invasive species, collecting samples, and tincturing scents (tincturing = distilling fragrances with an old copper whiskey still).

In a hands-on demonstration of their commitment to natural frangrance production, the trip gave a look inside Juniper Ridge’s process, mentality, and the making of their newest release, Winter Redwood. Day One is below, and Day Two follows. To get your own Winter Redwood, click here.

Shelter: Lakeside Garage

A deconstructed garage keeps weathered old elements, while illuminating some new.

One of the key attributes of a great architect is having the ability to envision a structure before it is built—to see the design, the layout, the use, before a pen is ever put to paper. The beauty of this lakeside structure is that it involved quite a bit of vision to see the beauty and potential of, well, “a shitty garage.”

Taking what once was a dilapidated, unimpressionable, and rather uninspiring structure and turning it into a modern architectural work of art is nothing short of remarkable. The design team of Seth Grizzle, Jonathan Junker, Kathryn Moeller, and Mike Peterson repurposed the guts of this old storage space to help the structure to slowly age backwards and give it new meaning.

Nick and Kelly Take a Road Trip

10,000 miles, 17 states and 13 National Parks—an uprooting of epic proportion.

Unable to ignore their joint wanderlust, Nick and Kelly quit their jobs. They sold their home. Packed all of their belongings into a 1969 Serro Scotty Trailer and headed west to Seattle. What would become a ten-week, 17 state, 13 National Parks, and 10,000-mile journey, was spurred on by an uncontrollable urge to explore.

This time last year you wouldn’t pin Nick and Kelly Lake as the risk-taking type. In 2006, they first met. They fell in love and by 2010 they were married. Two years later, they bought a home. It was the start of a life, a good life, but one that fell on the arch of normality. That is until, well, they decided to do something bold…

East Coast Humor

An interview with Christine Mitchell Adams, N’East-erner, humorist and drawer of men.

Boston-based artist and illustrator Christine Mitchell Adams lives and breathes the Northeast. Through her blog N’East Style, she brings readers through all of the elements that make New England special while showing that there’s more to the Northeast than preppy kids and flannel shirts.

Christine has produced work for a variety of clients, ranging from Huckberry favorites like Topo Designs and Wolverine to fashion-focused brands like Marc Jacobs and Club Monaco. Her illustrations always carry the influence of her upbringing in Maine and Vermont, evident in their focus on uniqueness and simplicity. 

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