Shelter: Buck Creek

A home that cantilevers off the cliffs to overlook the ocean. Big Sur in its purist state.

Perched on the cliffs of Big Sur’s photographic southern coast, Fougeron Architecture's Buck Creek “vacation” home is the epitome of California dreams. Overlooking a 250-foot drop to the Pacific—its view is as bewildering as the architecture of the home.

Inspired by shape of the native Banana Slug and constructed like blocks to a Lego set, the long, thin build of the home gently conforms to the natural contours of the land and the eco-layout of the bluff on which it is located. The cantilevered base of this structure allows for it to not only accommodate its geographical location, but also provide a home as unique as the landscape that surrounds it.

The Solvay Hut

On the side of the Matterhorn, 1,500 feet from the peak, sleeps 10, emergencies only.

The mountain ridges above Zermatt, Switzerland are often dotted with tiny specks of climbers, picking their way up and down one of the most famous peaks on the planet. Yes, there are mountains harder to climb than the Matterhorn—but the iconic face of the Swiss Alps is far from an ascent that should be taken lightly, and is at times too dangerous to even attempt. 

In cases of dire need, one can find shelter—in the most literal sense of the term—in the Solvay Hut, one of the few places on earth where lifesaving and breathtaking come as a packaged deal.

Road Trip Rest Stops

The rest stop—an icon of the back roads and byways of America’s drive.

When you go on a road trip via the American Interstate Highway System, there's just one place to gas your ride, feed your belly and take care of business: the rest stop. 

The heyday of the American rest stop belongs somewhere in the past, in the middle of the last century, perhaps even before the creation of the Interstate Highway System. Photographer Ryann Ford has done a killer job of documenting the quintessential highway home.

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DIVERSIONS + TUNES: March 14, 2014

From Neistat’s newest flick to Beck’s new album, this week’s Diversions + Tunes has it all.

1. LET'S GET LOST: Man of the world, Casey Neistat, gets the New York Times treatment. / NYT Style Mag

2. CONVICT CONDITIONING WORKOUT: Tight on space? Try this slammer-approved workout. / 4 Hour Life

Kubrick’s Early Years

A sample of the iconic director’s earliest body of work—his photography.

When considering the canon of American film directors, Stanley Kubrick’s name is likely to come up within the first half-minute. His perfectionism, attention to detail, and early adoption of new technology are as widely noted as his influence over current leading directors. Yet, that which is most commonly aligned with Kubrick’s style is his cinematography.

Kubrick garnered recognition as a cinematographer on his first four feature films from ’53 – ’57, exhibiting a talent for lighting and photographing scenes and making pointed use of unbroken, reverse-tracking shots. In 1960, while directing Spartacus, Kubrick instructed cinematographer Russell Metty on how to do his job. Metty wasn’t pleased, threatening to quit what was the most expensive movie to date. Metty stayed on, eventually winning an Oscar for Best Cinematography.

Weekend Edition: Quick Getaway

It’s nearly the weekend. If you’re like us, you’re packing your bag. Bring this.

Picture this: It’s a slow (read: very slow) Thursday afternoon at the office. You are sitting at your desk, twiddling your thumbs, and counting the seconds of the clock. Your co-worker leans to you and asks, “What do you have going on this weekend?” Your response, slowed by the sudden break in your daydream, is mundane. “I don’t know, hanging out.” It’s half-hearted robotic repetition to a question you’ve heard countless times, but sadly it’s often true.

We love what we do, but even here at Huckberry we have our days that we just want a break. So we devised a plan to have more meaningful weekends time to ourselves to slow down, crack and few, and kick back. Below are our no-fail essentials for your next mini-vacation.

Cold War Weapons

The Cold War had lots of destructive ideas. Here are some of the cooler ones.

What with the situation in the Crimea raging and The Americans back for a second season, Cold War nostalgia remains firmly placed in the zeitgeist. 

For those who don't remember the tail end of the Cold War, the question wasn't if we were going to blow each other up, but when it was going to happen. It all seems a little overblown from this side of history, but, at the time, the fear of nuclear annihilation hung in the background, informing everything from politics to pop culture.

Weekly Pocket Dump: 2014.03.12

A Fisher Space Pen, Lorenzetti Pipe, and the Tag Heuer F1 are king in this dump.

Drop what your carrying, organize it into right angles, zoom out, snap a pic, and share. That's your Pocket Dump. Every week, we'll curate a selection of the best EDC pocket dumps from our friends at Everyday Carry

There's a few links to our favorite products in the dump, and then a link to see the whole lineup. Enjoy, and carry on.

Parlor and Juke

Our correspondent in Nashville scouts the best of grooming in the South.

Barbers Michael Martin (left) and Mic Fox (right).

Swing wide the doors to Parlour & Juke and it’s clear that this salon—built out of rough timber and exposed brick—has found the cool in Southern styling. It's a grooming parlour with a hearty dose of juke-joint quirk, and the Nashville shrine is a favorite for locals and Music City celebrities alike.

Owned and operated by an Alabama-bred preacher’s daughter, Cali DeVaney’s juke is filled with a slew of Nashville's top hairdressers and barbers. Looking for a specialty hour-long straight razor shave? Settle in while sipping a Yazoo beer, southern soda Cheerwine or the occasional mason jar of bourbon-soaked cherries. A stylist provides the refreshments, and then comes the cut.

Huckberry: Get FIt

Some fitness reads, tunes, and tips we think are worth your workout while.

The gym is the last frontier of style. We're working with our buddies at Taylor Stitch to change that (more to come later) and along the way have discovered some great new fitness gear, tech, tunes and tips which we've edited into a special Get Fit edition.

We like to think it's the type of edition Paul Newman would have paged through on a Saturday morning before heading to the gym to hit the bag and skip some rope—a shop filled with smart, stylish gym gear that doesn't look like it collided with a bucket of neon paint.

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