Weekend Edition: Quick Getaway

It’s nearly the weekend. If you’re like us, you’re packing your bag. Bring this.

Picture this: It’s a slow (read: very slow) Thursday afternoon at the office. You are sitting at your desk, twiddling your thumbs, and counting the seconds of the clock. Your co-worker leans to you and asks, “What do you have going on this weekend?” Your response, slowed by the sudden break in your daydream, is mundane. “I don’t know, hanging out.” It’s half-hearted robotic repetition to a question you’ve heard countless times, but sadly it’s often true.

We love what we do, but even here at Huckberry we have our days that we just want a break. So we devised a plan to have more meaningful weekends time to ourselves to slow down, crack and few, and kick back. Below are our no-fail essentials for your next mini-vacation.

Cold War Weapons

The Cold War had lots of destructive ideas. Here are some of the cooler ones.

What with the situation in the Crimea raging and The Americans back for a second season, Cold War nostalgia remains firmly placed in the zeitgeist. 

For those who don't remember the tail end of the Cold War, the question wasn't if we were going to blow each other up, but when it was going to happen. It all seems a little overblown from this side of history, but, at the time, the fear of nuclear annihilation hung in the background, informing everything from politics to pop culture.

Weekly Pocket Dump: 2014.03.12

A Fisher Space Pen, Lorenzetti Pipe, and the Tag Heuer F1 are king in this dump.

Drop what your carrying, organize it into right angles, zoom out, snap a pic, and share. That's your Pocket Dump. Every week, we'll curate a selection of the best EDC pocket dumps from our friends at Everyday Carry

There's a few links to our favorite products in the dump, and then a link to see the whole lineup. Enjoy, and carry on.

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Parlor and Juke

Our correspondent in Nashville scouts the best of grooming in the South.

Barbers Michael Martin (left) and Mic Fox (right).

Swing wide the doors to Parlour & Juke and it’s clear that this salon—built out of rough timber and exposed brick—has found the cool in Southern styling. It's a grooming parlour with a hearty dose of juke-joint quirk, and the Nashville shrine is a favorite for locals and Music City celebrities alike.

Owned and operated by an Alabama-bred preacher’s daughter, Cali DeVaney’s juke is filled with a slew of Nashville's top hairdressers and barbers. Looking for a specialty hour-long straight razor shave? Settle in while sipping a Yazoo beer, southern soda Cheerwine or the occasional mason jar of bourbon-soaked cherries. A stylist provides the refreshments, and then comes the cut.

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Huckberry: Get FIt

Some fitness reads, tunes, and tips we think are worth your workout while.

The gym is the last frontier of style. We're working with our buddies at Taylor Stitch to change that (more to come later) and along the way have discovered some great new fitness gear, tech, tunes and tips which we've edited into a special Get Fit edition.

We like to think it's the type of edition Paul Newman would have paged through on a Saturday morning before heading to the gym to hit the bag and skip some rope—a shop filled with smart, stylish gym gear that doesn't look like it collided with a bucket of neon paint.

Huckberry x Courage Performance

We travel to San Mateo, on a Friday afternoon, to voluntarily rock our bodies.

We workout. Occasionally. Some more than others. A few none at all—I’m looking at you, Michael. And when (read: if) we workout, we don’t go halfway. We go beastmode. Nay, we are the beastmaster.

Josh Courage, whose name alone inspires perspiration, had us down to his house of pain and suffering. We went willingly. We fought hard. He told us we did well (he’s generous). Our lungs burned and the lactic acid flowed like a flooded Mississippi (if we had our STR/KE MOVEMENT gear on, like Josh, it may have gone better). Below, he gives us a run down of the hazy workout we completed. We remember some of it (resting, water breaks), rather fondly.

The Traditional Art of Shaving

A veteran shaver’s take on why the way shaving once was is the way it always should be.

Our good friend Jesse Jacobs, of Samovar Tea, recently tipped us off to his father's encyclopedic knowledge of all things shaving. We opened up a line of conversation with Leonard, and he responded with one of the more articulate and concise explanations of where shaving has been, how it got to where it is, and the merits of practicing the way it once was.

Essentially, his argument is bookended by two poignant statements. The before: "shaving was drudgery and not a very enjoyable part of my morning schedule," and the after: "rather than being drudgery, it's become a favorite part of my morning routine." Follow his progression, and enjoy a quick grooming primer from a veteran shaver…

Time Tested Lifehacks

Lifehacks from cigarette packs—unlikely, but still extremely useful.

How to extract a splinter "Fill a wide mouthed bottle with hot water nearly to the brim, and press affected part of hand tightly against mouth of bottle. The suction will pull down the flesh, and steam will soon draw out the splinter."

In the Information Age, if we don’t know how to do something we turn to the Internet. Don’t know how to remove a screw that’s been rounded off? Need to open a wine bottle and don’t have a corkscrew? For these and countless other issues, there’s usually a simple solution hidden in plain sight. Lifehacks make us feel productive—we marvel at our collective ingenuity. In fact, there’s an entire organization dedicated to them.

Shelter: Camo House

Tom Kundig doesn’t build over or around boulders, he builds through them.

Tom Kundig is one king of American architectural design. For over three decades he has been collecting some of the highest design honors in his field including the National Design Award from the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. One of his more recent endeavors, “The Pierre,” is yet another example of his genius.

“The Pierre,” which is French for rock, offers a fitting title for this modern home. Located on the shores of the San Juan Islands, WA, the owner’s infatuation with a stone outcropping provided an intriguing challenge for Kundig. Often viewed as a formidable hindrance to any architectural plan, many choose to build over, around, or even away from such an impediment. Not Kundig. He went right through it.

Of Beards and Men

“There is an intrinsic connection between a man and his beard."

I cultivate this beard not for the usual given reasons of skin trouble or pain of shaving, nor for the secret purpose of covering a weak chin, but as pure unblushing decoration, much as a peacock finds pleasure in his tail. – Steinbeck

On a farm outside of Minneapolis, MN, the very essence of manliness is being considered, analyzed, and documented, hair by masculine hair. Joseph D.R. OLeary is taking sittings and his subjects, from all over the country, are offering their facial accoutrements for his lens’ dissection.

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