Four in Four

Drive by night, shoot by day—three friends hit four states in four days.

Julian Bialowas, Shara Esbenshade and Wes Walker (of TRUE MVMNT) had an idea for a long weekend—four states, four sunsets, four sunrises, and a handful of National Parks. Beyond that, not much was planned. They ended up logging 1,600 miles and capturing some incredibly diverse and striking images. The trio rolled with their gear, slept in the car, traded times driving, and reached some of the best vistas of the American Southwest. 

For our eyes, the sleepless nights paid off.

Shelter: EcoCamp Patagonia

Patagonia is for adventure (and just so happens to have these fantastic glamping domes).

Firmly placed in the middle of the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile, there’s twenty-five geodesic domes connected by raised wooden platforms, which, if you’ve gone and stood there and looked out over the expanse of Patagonia steppe and shrubland, you’d be hard pressed to forget the feeling—it’s like living among the trees.

And that’s not the best part, because you don’t go to Patagonia for glamping. You don’t go for soft beds and wood fire stoves and state of the art composting toilets. No. You go for adventure. And while EcoCamp offers all the above (and wine sipping, locally sourced meals, yoga, etc.), they also offer what Torres del Paine does best—adventure.

Island Stayaway

Tiny, remote Palmerston Island hosts a few dozen residents and zero visitors.

Robinson CrusoeLostGilligan’s Island, and plenty of others. Chances are some tale of being stranded on an island has captivated you. It’s probably the internal conflict of 1) living in a tropical paradise and 2) being completely cut off from the outside world. Which hand prevails varies by person, by scenario, and probably by island.

But for those living on remote Palmerston Island, there was no shipwreck that got them here. Largely cut off from the outside world, this is—and has been for centuries—everyday life. It’s what the island community has always known. And with a multi-day, sometimes-treacherous journey required to reach the nearest neighbors and a dangerous reef obstructing sizable ships from approaching, sparsely populated Palmerston will likely remain that way.

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Popular + Luxurious = Populuxe

An homage to the era that didn’t frown on mainstream luxuries—it embraced it.

Populuxe was a mid-century art movement combining the popular and the luxurious. Viewing populuxe art from this side of history, it's hard to see it located anywhere but the 1950s and early 60s. And why not?

The post-war era stands as a time in American history of unparalleled optimism. Back then the future was a promise, not a threat. Populuxe reflects this moment with carplanespersonal submarines and monorails. And, of course, no glimpse into the radically optimistic post-war era would be complete without at least one flying car.

Tree Stands in the Forest

In the Bavarian forest, hunters set up shop. Jörg Marx, unironically, shoots them.

The Bavarian Forest carries with it a certain mythos—just hearing the words brings to mind a mysterious, dark, endless land with a hint of something sinister. This expansive wooded land in southwestern Germany may not be familiar to Americans. 

Bordering the Šumava (Bohemian Forest) of the Czech Republic to the south, this German region seems like endless wilderness. It’s this vast wild that inspires the German photographer Jörg Marx and his foggy landscapes.


From new Johnny Cash to The Chaos Company, this week’s Diversions + Tunes has it all.

1. STRAIGHT CASH: In honor of Johnny Cash's posthumous album release (this week), a revisit to 1970s Cash coverage. / PlayboySFW

2. BEER ART: Milton Glaser of I ♥ NY fame tackles modern beer labels. / NYT

American Road Trip Mixtape

A chosen life on the road, Brendan Leonard has formed a way of life all his own.

It’s been almost three years. Three years since Brendan Leonard (of semi-rad) has had an address, owned a bed, or paid rent. Three years since he broke up with his girlfriend and took to the road. Unsure of life’s next step, he kept driving—the national parks and rest stops of western United States, his new home. A journey so enjoyed it has yet to end. 

When our friend, Whitney, sent word of his adventure, an introduction was in order. We recently caught up with Brendan to discuss his travels and his book, The New American Road Trip Mixtape.

Weekend Edition: Hot Days (and Nights)

We’re days away from sand between the toes. Stock the wardrobe now, the sun is rising.

The sun is rising and soon (very soon) the park days, beach weekends and late night bonfires will start filling in the calendar. With spring now sprung, the new looks of the season are on their way. Be ready to greet the sun (sun salutations all around!) in style.

We've compiled what may be the perfect day—a beach (or poolside) assembly of gear for a spring day, and a classy collection of apparel for the evening activities. One word of caution: don't forget the sunblock (or to re-apply), with these wares the only thing keeping you from looking your best will be that early-season lobster tan.

4,000 Miles To The Arctic

A few plans, a few supplies, and miles to go. Three friends take their bikes northward.

In early 2013, I decided to leave my job and home in favor of adventure and the unknown. I didn't have anything particular in mind, but I'd really wanted to do a substantial motorcycle trip for a while. My buddy Matt Lief Anderson—living a similar vagabond lifestyle at the time—was a bit more seasoned on a bike than myself, so I got in touch. 

I mentioned that if he ever wanted to take some sort of trip on, we ought to make it happen. He responded saying he always wanted to ride to Alaska, and before I knew it, we bought bikes, some camping gear, and were on our way north.


An Orient Mako, New Wave Leatherman, and Hero3 are kings of this dump.

Drop what your carrying, organize it into right angles, zoom out, snap a pic, and share. That's your Pocket Dump. Every week, we'll curate a selection of the best EDC pocket dumps from our friends at Everyday Carry

There's a few links to our favorite products in the dump, and then a link to see the whole lineup. Enjoy, and carry on.

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