Sitting down with Huckberry’s Creative Director, to hear his picks for the holiday season.

*We pull back the curtain, and show you what Huckberry is shopping this holiday season. Also check out MichaelLaurenAliAndy, and Matthew's picks.

Jeff Masamori’s a Bay Area native, and he’s the Creative Director here at Huckberry. His speciality is wielding the lens, but Jeff’s a design auteur (nearly everything visual is thanks to Jeff).

As one who thinks in color schemes and visual synchrony, Jeff’s exercised some holiday restraint, limiting his picks to one color: black. It’s still plenty of room for some subtle creativity, and Jeff’s infused his picks with the minor variances that lead to complimentary options within one motif. His holiday picks are here…

SHELTER: Mountain Cabin

An Austrian cabin on the slopes of the alps gives stark life to the raw elements.

Architecture is a funny thing—something that's appropriate in one place might be totally horrific in another. Case in point, the aptly named Mountain Cabin in a small Austrian village. 

If this were an apartment (or even dorm building), you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd stepped into a strange alternate reality where the Soviets conquered the moon. It's just too spare to bring any joy in a modern city. However, there's something about the stark simplicity of the structure that fits perfectly in the quiet of Alps.


Sergey Dolya’s unique nighttime photos of a Russian expedition to the North Pole.

When afforded the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to document the biggest Russian partyboat in history on its way up to the True North, to the Northest of Poles, Mr. Dolya, a man who goes places with his camera, simply couldn't say no.

So, he happily joined the crew of the 50 Let Pobedy (50 Years of Victory), a truly behemoth ice-smasher best imagined as the freakish lovechild of a traditional icebreaking boat and a Carnaval cruise ship.

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Provisions: Dips x Member Appreciation

If you missed Member’s night, we’ve still got a gift—a few recipes for easy entertaining.

*The Holiday Home is open everyday from 11AM-5PM, until Monday, December 16. Come stop by.

On Monday, at the Home, we had a Member Appreciation Night. We shared some local beers, sat back, and said a big Thank You! to our faithful following. We were humbled by the turn out, and again, we want to say to all our members, Thank you for your support of Huckberry, and we wish everyone a happy holiday season.

If you weren't able to make it, we still wanted to share some love, and Chef Timmy of Local's Corner put together two recipes he created for the party. It's crab season on the coast, so we dropped by our local Whole Foods Market, and they generously donated some of their freshest ingredients to the cause. If you're hosting a holiday party this season, try one of these dips.

Meet the Maker x Huckberry Holiday Home

Meet the Maker starts now—we talk selvage with Copin Denim’s Brian Rather.

This afternoon and evening, on Friday, December 13th, we've invited all our friends over to the Home. From 3:00PM – 9:00PM we are having our Meet the Maker event, breaking down the barriers between the makers and consumers. Come join us, at 3180 17th Street, San Francisco

We'll be hosting the guys from Taylor StitchTrumakerTellason DenimAether ApparelMarine LayerAmerican Giant, and Copin Denim (above).

There will be frangrance distillation from Juniper Ridge, tea-infused cocktails with Samovar Tea Lounge, and beer tastings from Oskar BluesThe Chairman Truck will be parked outside, serving food, and we'll have live music from San Francisco’s favorite piano jam band, Bangin’ & Clangin’


Sitting down with Huckberry’s Brand Manager, to hear his picks for the holidays.

*We pull back the curtain, and show you what Huckberry is shopping this holiday season. Also check out Brands Manager: LaurenBrands Director: Alico-Founder: Andy, and Editor: Matthew.

Michael comes from the inner bay of San Francisco, earned his degree in Architecture from UC: Berkeley, and now enjoys casual walks with his dog on the streets of Oakland. He’s a Brand Manager, and easily earns the office's best dressed award. 

Michael’s a builder and a tinkerer, and his style represents a value of a well-earned patina and the durability of metal. And, he’s a funny guy, because he knows a smile’s always your best look. His picks, here…


From James Bond to a Santa’s Evil Twin, this week’s Diversions have it all.

BUT DO THE LADIES LIKE IT?: Women's honest (and thoughtful) responses to the VS fashion show. / Quora

IF YOU DRANK LIKE JAMES BOND: You'd be shaken too. And forget hitting your target with your Walther PKK. / NPR

The Huckberry Holiday Home

Introducing the first shoppable home for guys. It’s Huckberry in the flesh.

The Holiday Home is OPEN from 11:00AM – 7:00PM, Monday Dec. 9 – Monday Dec. 16. 

We are located at: 3180 17th St. (between South Van Ness and Shotwell), San Francisco, CA.

Artisan-made furniture from Room & Board. Unique finds from Mixed Nuts—the American Pickers of California. Loads of our favorite brands, including Taylor StitchTriple Aught DesignJuniper Ridge and American Giant. And a silver blue cherry on top: a mint-condition 1965 Porsche 356 C.

It's all for sale at the Huckberry Holiday Home, the first shoppable home for guys in the U.S.

Grandfather's EDC

From Grandfather to Grandson, a cherished family heirloom comes full circle.

This is an almost verbatim recounting of a story from my grandfather about how his father helped his family make it through the depression.  It also brought to light one of his most cherished possessions, his 1930s EDC—a small Case Mini Trapper in a home made sheath. 

I now own this piece of family history. My grandfather, thankfully, is still alive and tells us stories like this on a regular basis, but it highlights just how different things are. In the 1930s a boy without a knife was like a sandwich without bread—unheard of.


Sitting down with Huckberry’s Brand Manager, to hear her picks for the holidays.

*We pull back the curtain, and show you what Huckberry is shopping this holiday season. Also check out Brands Director: Alico-Founder: Andy, and Editor: Matthew.

Lauren Fennema hails from the great state of Wisconsin. It’s windswept winter beauty still pulls at her heartstrings (and how can you not love the Packers?). She’s a Brand Manager here at Huckberry, and she tirelessly seeks out gear to bring Huckberry the unique, trending brands we offer.

Fen (as she goes by in the office) is a Midwest girl in a West Coast world, and her style’s a mix of the deep-rooted, take-pride-in-everything-you-do values of the Heartland, and the contemporary flare of the coast. Her holiday picks, all here…

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