Sitting down with Huckberry’s Brand Manager, to hear his picks for the holidays.

*We pull back the curtain, and show you what Huckberry is shopping this holiday season. Also check out Brands Manager: LaurenBrands Director: Alico-Founder: Andy, and Editor: Matthew.

Michael comes from the inner bay of San Francisco, earned his degree in Architecture from UC: Berkeley, and now enjoys casual walks with his dog on the streets of Oakland. He’s a Brand Manager, and easily earns the office's best dressed award. 

Michael’s a builder and a tinkerer, and his style represents a value of a well-earned patina and the durability of metal. And, he’s a funny guy, because he knows a smile’s always your best look. His picks, here…


From James Bond to a Santa’s Evil Twin, this week’s Diversions have it all.

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IF YOU DRANK LIKE JAMES BOND: You'd be shaken too. And forget hitting your target with your Walther PKK. / NPR

The Huckberry Holiday Home

Introducing the first shoppable home for guys. It’s Huckberry in the flesh.

The Holiday Home is OPEN from 11:00AM – 7:00PM, Monday Dec. 9 – Monday Dec. 16. 

We are located at: 3180 17th St. (between South Van Ness and Shotwell), San Francisco, CA.

Artisan-made furniture from Room & Board. Unique finds from Mixed Nuts—the American Pickers of California. Loads of our favorite brands, including Taylor StitchTriple Aught DesignJuniper Ridge and American Giant. And a silver blue cherry on top: a mint-condition 1965 Porsche 356 C.

It's all for sale at the Huckberry Holiday Home, the first shoppable home for guys in the U.S.

Shop Sales Exclusive To Huckberry Customers Shop Now

Grandfather's EDC

From Grandfather to Grandson, a cherished family heirloom comes full circle.

This is an almost verbatim recounting of a story from my grandfather about how his father helped his family make it through the depression.  It also brought to light one of his most cherished possessions, his 1930s EDC—a small Case Mini Trapper in a home made sheath. 

I now own this piece of family history. My grandfather, thankfully, is still alive and tells us stories like this on a regular basis, but it highlights just how different things are. In the 1930s a boy without a knife was like a sandwich without bread—unheard of.


Sitting down with Huckberry’s Brand Manager, to hear her picks for the holidays.

*We pull back the curtain, and show you what Huckberry is shopping this holiday season. Also check out Brands Director: Alico-Founder: Andy, and Editor: Matthew.

Lauren Fennema hails from the great state of Wisconsin. It’s windswept winter beauty still pulls at her heartstrings (and how can you not love the Packers?). She’s a Brand Manager here at Huckberry, and she tirelessly seeks out gear to bring Huckberry the unique, trending brands we offer.

Fen (as she goes by in the office) is a Midwest girl in a West Coast world, and her style’s a mix of the deep-rooted, take-pride-in-everything-you-do values of the Heartland, and the contemporary flare of the coast. Her holiday picks, all here…

Mixed Nuts x Huckberry Holiday Home

The guys at Mixed Nuts have sprinkled our Home with brilliant pieces of found art.

The guys (left to right: Brandon, Jon and Anthony) at Mixed Nuts are junkers. Haulers. Scrappers. And, they're also graphic designers, poets, and museum-like curators of valuable found objects. They're the kind of guys that are equally comfortable on the job site, at the garage sale, and in MOMA.

Which makes them a type of masculine anomaly. A one off. Something similar in form to the discoveries they make. They've equipped our Holiday Home with a unique array of architectural treasures (a WWII Eames splint, a Harry Bertoia Diamond Chair), folk art (a hand-welded pick), and unsung treasures (an engraver's art, a railroad level). The uniting factor of their pieces being this: they reflect a unique human element, and each has a story to tell.

Hunting the State Bird

Our correspondent goes to Pierre, SD, to hunt some pheasant.

Boarding a plane to Omaha in early November is a little like setting your own frozen destiny. I’m booking out from California, to the tundra-like lands of the Midwest. The plane lands in a rainstorm. It starts hailing. It’s dark at 4:30PM.

If this is where my dreams of a fulfilling vacation all become manifest, I couldn’t be happier—it’s pheasant season.


Sitting down with Huckberry’s Editor, to hear his picks for the holiday season.

Matthew Ankeny came up the coast of California (by way of Chicago and Seattle). He’s the Editor here at Huckberry, and he curates the Journal and gives brands their due in print.

When he’s not reading an seemingly endless stack of fiction (this week’s pick, Wells Tower’s Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned), he’s probably cycling (or running a marathon). His style reflects a demure admiration of quality, and his picks show how understatement is often the most notable statement.

Shelter: Treehouse x Three

Why have one treehouse when you can have three?

The tree house. It's got a strong presence in the Zeitgeist these days. It's a long day on the web if we don't stumble on another stunning, for-grown-ups-only tree house. But this one is special. For starters, it’s not one tree house, but three. Plus, as the home of the former Director of Greenpeace, it’s extra-green, and, located outside Atlanta, it has a bit of a Southern flavor to it.

Peter Bahouth, now the Executive Director of the U.S. Climate Action Network, was looking for a bit of privacy, sure—he literally lives in a glass house. He also wanted to recapture some of the magic of his childhood, the wonder and freedom that came from the tree house. 

Big Wave Skiing

Combining waves and skis, Chuck Patterson is creating an extreme sport all his own.

Many people would likely argue, myself included, that there’s no feeling on earth quite like cutting tracks in fresh powder on a pair of skis. And yet, there are a select few who have the privilege of insisting that, sure, powder skiing is great – but have you tried wave skiing?

Among them is Chuck Patterson, a former pro skier and lifetime surfer who looked for a way to bring together his two worlds—the mountains and the water. The answer came in the form of two custom-built skis, 40-foot Maui waves, and a distinct lack of vertigo.

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