In Defense of the Defender

The Brit’s flagship 4×4 is in its final run—and you only have 2 years to get yours.

After a continuous run of 67 years, The Land Rover Defender is hanging up the spare tire (in Dec 2015). To us, it only means one thing—we’ve got two years to go overseas, buy one, ship it back, and romp around in one of the most dynamic 4×4s ever manufactured. 

New Years Resolution(s) = resolved.

Darkened Cities

Seeing the skies of the world’s best cities—if we all just turned out the lights.

New York 40° 42' 16'' N 2010-10-9 Lst 3:40

Born in 1963, Thierry Cohen became a professional photographer at age 22. A pioneer of digital photography, Cohen has had exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo and the Musee de l”Homme; he was an official selection of the Mois de la Photo in 2008. 

Since 2010, however, Cohen has focused, exclusively, on one project: “Villes Enteintes” (Darkened Cities). The series represents the world’s major cities without a trace of light pollution.

The Best of the Journal: Part 2

The most popular, engaging, and intriguing posts from our Journal, July to December.

We're looking back at the year, and damn, it looks good. For your perusal, our most beloved posts.

Best of Part 2: An Ultramarathon You Can't Finish—Rat Jaw, Son Of A Bitch Ditch, The Bad Thing, Testicle Spectacle, Meth Lab Hill. If you can find them, good for you. There’s a book hidden somewhere around there. You’ve got to tear out the page that matches your race number to prove to Gary Cantrell (a.k.a. Lazarus Lake) you’re not cheating. He’s a thoughtful guy – each book symbolizes the endeavor you’ve signed up for: Death Walks the Woods, Heart of Darkness, A Time to Die, What to do When You Feel Lost, Alone, and Helpless… Don’t lose the page, though, or you’ll be disqualified.

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The Best of the Journal: Part 1

The most popular, engaging, and interesting posts from our Journal, January to June.

We're looking back at the year, and damn, it looks good. For your perusal, our most beloved posts.

Best of Part 1: A Real Life Mowgli—Tippi was born in Africa. The desert of Namibia, to be exact. Her parents, Alain Degré and Sylvie Robert, were French wildlife photographers and didn’t think twice about their decision to raise her among the biota they were documenting on a daily basis. By the time Tippi Degré was six, she’d begun to resemble a real life Mowgli.

Shelter: Ion Hotel

An adventure hotel in Iceland that appropriately resembles a Viking mead hall.

ION, a self-proclaimed "luxury adventure hotel" in Reykjavik, Iceland is some kind of hyper-futuristic version of a Native American longhouse. While it has a stark, efficient look, there's also something decidedly homey about it—if "home" has you living with 100 other people. Perhaps, then, the correct point of reference is less longhouse and more a Viking mead hall. 

Either way, you can see yourself living here, which is always a bonus when it comes to hotels.

High Walls, Low Country

Don’t mistake it for a Game of Thrones set, this fortified Dutch city is real.

Spread across Europe are the remains of countless once-fortified cities. Protected by high walls, cannons, and a moat, these often comprise the image of Medieval Europe.

Over the course of centuries, many have fallen into a state of disrepair—either war torn or simply neglected. But the city of Naarden, located in the lowlands of North Holland, stands as a rare exception, as one of the best preserved in Europe. With its walls and moat restored, the Dutch town looks much as it did in the 17th century.

Big Airless Wheels

The Polaris Sportsman Military ATV is gunmetal heaven for hardcore off-roaders.

The Polaris Sportsman MV850 Military ATV. Sounds pretty burly, doesn't it? It is. There has been much online effusing about this vehicle, most of which seems to involve bloggers imagining their pasty selves smashing through some sort of imaginary zombie apocalypse on the back of this groundbreaking beast. 

(Look, we don't doubt the MV850's ability to turn zombies into undead puree, but we think the MV850 could work well for more practical daily purposes, like a casual jaunt to the grocery store or other Sunday errands. Imagine the shock and awe, the priceless expressions on your neighbors' ashen faces as they watch you rumble down the street on, say, Christmas Eve, in the saddle of this charcoal mini-tank, towing 1,500 pounds of CHRISTMAS TREE behind you. [Expendable to 3,000 pounds of Christmas tree with a winch!]).

PROVISIONS: Santa's Cookies & Almonds

A St. Nick-approved Christmas treat, crafted up by our local baker.

It's Santa's big night. He's light-speed cruising to hit homes all over the world, and the big guy needs to fuel up—to keep that bowl full of jelly from reaching empty. So what's he got for fuel? No less than the best of sports nutrition—sugary cookies and the refreshment of pure dairy milk. He nibbles, then, whoosh, he's up the chimney, off the roof, and on to share the joy to the next John Doe.

And while we realize it may not be the most—achem—masculine of traditions, a good cookie recipe can score you points with St. Nick (and if you're lucky, one of his local elves). We asked Chef Timmy of Local's Corner, and his friend, Claudia Gutierrez—a baker at Local Mission Market and the head of The Crumb Shoppe—to put together a little nutrition for the holiday season. These treats are some tasty fuel for the yule log fire, and, in case you're teetering on the naughty list—these cookies are a very nice treat to share.

That Bike is Fat

Earn your aprés-fatty this winter with some pow-shredding snow biking.

For the New Year, there’s nothing better than picking up a ridiculous sport with an equally ridiculous name. And the sport to fit the bill? Fat biking. Also known as snow biking, these souped-up mountain bikes are making fresh tracks in ski towns across the nation.

Originally invented for riding in the deep Alaskan winter and touring New Mexican sand, fat bikes range in build and weight to fit your adventure needs. You’re likely to run into a Salsa or Surly model at the resort rental shop, but big brands like Specialized to Trek are blowing up their big wheels, too.

Manitoba by Canoe

Our Adventure Winner’s canoe trip through the polar bear infested waters of the north.

The winner of our Adventure Contest shares his canoe trip through Manitoba.

We paddled around the bend in the river and immediately stopped—there was a bear in the water. At that, it was a polar bear, the sole reason we brought a shotgun on the trip.

I had wanted adventure in my life. I had read countless books and watched countless movies about adventure, but I never experienced anything comparable of my own.

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