Hot Tub Boats

Hot tub boats. Who wants in on this?

Taking the hot tub lifestyle to a level we haven't seen since Hot Tub Time Machine, Seattle's Hot Tub Boats have turned hot-tubbing into a mobile affair. Marrying the appearance of a lake boat with everything that's good about a hot tub, Hot Tub Boats clearly know what's up when it comes to chilling professionally.

Hot Tub Boats' design – the only one of its kind currently safe for use – allows for a low-speed, tranquil cruise through the waters of Lake Union, offering views of the Seattle skyline only available from vantage points in the water. All it takes to maneuver is to move a joystick, which can easily be managed while soaking away in the warmth of water up to 104 degrees; the captain gets to lounge, too.

The Hot Tub Boat accommodates up to six people (or eight if docked) and houses a radio system with pop up speakers, a cooler, and storage on board, so it's all prepped for taking the party onto the water.

To our friends in Europe: don't worry, HotTug is there to fulfill to your hot tub boating needs.

Via Aether Journal. Photos 1-3 via Hot Tub Boats, © Cameron Zegers Photography. Photos 4-7 via Hot Tug.

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