Bone Bar

An architectural ode to the man who created The Alien in Aliens.

Hans Rudolf Giger is the name of the man behind one of cinema’s most frightening extraterrestrial villains, the alien of Ridley Scott’s Alien trilogy. In addition to his Oscar Award-winning design work for the films, Giger’s career has also included painting, sculpture, interior architecture and some film directing of his own.

The Giger Museum and bar, located in Gruyères (a town famous for its delicious, eponymous cheese) in Giger’s native country of Switzerland, is tribute to Giger’s diverse and lengthy career. Built into the Château St. Germain, the Giger Museum also houses a less conventional museum attraction. The Giger Bar is yet another tribute – an architectural ode – to the artist, that offers visitors an intimate interaction with Giger’s imagination.

Dark, cavernous, and adorned with sculptural vertebrae, the interior design of the Giger Bar speaks to Giger’s overall aesthetic, blending elements of the surreal and science fiction. It also echoes the biomechanical look and feel of the Alien movies. Blending a bar with a sci-fi catacomb, Giger Bar is bound to serve a memorable drink.

Via Beautiful Decay

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