This is How We Ride

Our pick for a pickup, the Scout wins on all accounts. Pay respect to the 4×4 king.

There’s no denying Pamela Anderson’s a “smart” woman. Our favorite Pam quote comes from a response to her ownership of International Harvester’s iconic pick-up: And yes, Scouts are fun. Brilliant!

We’re amply jealous that the Baywatch babe counts among her vehicular flock one of the only 532,674 Scouts. Because, if we had a next truck to buy, we’d buy Pam’s pal—the best four-wheeler to hit the market in 1960.

Desert Still Life

Giving the most arid, dead places on Earth a new perspective—from space.

The Namib Desert, Algeria

Picture yourself in the middle of a desert’s vast expanse (follow us here). What do you see?

A barren, sandy landscape with clusters of cacti and the occasional tumbleweed passerby? Is it blistering hot and lifelessly still? And, maybe on that rock, there’s a lizard blankly staring into the abyss with utter indifference as to what becomes of him.

Pigeon Flyers

Just out of sight, Brooklyn’s rooftop birdmasters take flight.

When people think of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, they tend to think of vegan bakeries, cronutsurban woodsmen, and other stuff so cutting-edge, it doesn't even exist to the rest of the world. (Williamsburg's unofficial slogan: So Hip, We Haven't Even Thought Of It Yet). 

But up on the gray rooftops of the borough, just over the heads of the airy cool kids and the young businesspeople, lives an older community of men—mostly Dominican and Puerto Rican—who practice the solitary art of pigeon flying.

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Diversions + Tunes: August 23, 2013

From Liz Taylor to Leonard Cohen, this week’s Diversions + Tunes are worth your while.

1. THE AMERICA'S CUP DISASTER: "Races usually consist of a single awkward catamaran bouncing around by itself in the fog." / Gawker

2. JFK'S COLOGNE REMADE: A re-release with a story as good as the "woody vanilla" scent. / UPI

SHELTER: The Water Tower

London’s 150-year-old structure goes modern, and for a cool $7.4 mil, can be all yours.

There are homes with conversation pieces, and there are homes that are conversation pieces. The Water Tower, in London’s Zone 1, has both—in multitude. 

It’s a hundred foot tall Venetian-style structure with a six story elevator, panoramic views of the London skyline, and a modern “Cube” with a two-story sliding glass door. It’s magnificent. Spectacular. Miraculous. It’s a show-mans’ playground—and it’s for sale.

Finding Main Street

Three friends take their bikes cross country to discover what it means to be American.

Three guys. Three bikes. Three projects. There’s an engaging symmetry to Finding Main Street’s (three words!) motorcycle roadtrip, and as they recently passed their halfway point, we dropped them a line to catch up.  

After driving 400 miles through the night, they’d reached the Atlantic at 5:30AM. It’d been 38 days since they left San Francisco, and they’d just finished their first Transcontinental leg. Here, we rested.

Iconic Style: Johnny Depp

He’s 50 years old, the best in his field, and he’s thinking of retiring. Why?

An original series where we unearth the story and style behind iconic photos.

The best Johnny Depp story we’ve heard goes like this: After hours of “entering character” for a scene, Depp emerged from his trailer. A young, overzealous extra saw him walking toward set, and shouted out an adolescent jab, Nice pair of balls you got there, Johnny. Depp snapped—came out of character—cursed the extra off the set, shut down shooting for the rest of the day, and fired the extra.

Two years later, the extra was waiting at a stop light when a blacked out El Camino pulled up next to him.

Standard or Overnight?

A look back to when you could send a baby through the mail.

Since parcel delivery was introduced in 1913, there have been two documented cases in which children made brief journeys as mail packages. So, with postage affixed to their tiny sweaters, onto the trains the children went! They rode the rails. They saw the sights. They made s'mores over a fire in an oil drum. They hung out with Kerouac and the other boxcar kids. Doesn't sound so bad, does it?

Stanley Stories

Heroic stories (bears, bullets, and thieves) from the giant leather book at Stanley’s HQ.

In Stanley’s Seattle headquarters, there’s a worn leather book with a simple title: Stories. Inside its pages are accounts from all over the world, about things like Stanleys saving lives (literally), surviving wars, out-toughing bears, snakes, and thieves, and living up their reputation as the toughest containers you’ll ever use.

We’ve never disagreed with Stanley’s cred, but the book—the book was convincing.

One Hull of a Boat

Some boats are made for comfort; some, speed. And some for the envy of the docks.

When most people think sailing, they picture little sloops serenely dotting the Chesapeake Bay. When we think sailing, we picture this—Vitter's Aglaia, the eighth largest sailing yacht in the world (and, in our opinion, the best).

As Vitters’ largest sailing yacht to date, the Aglaia measures some 66 meters. The rig, which reaches more than 80 meters above deck, sports an enourmous sail, that doubled as the world's largest canvas artwork (at the time of construction).

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