Whiskey Tattoo

Artist Sebastien Mathieu has tattooed 25 bottles of delicious whiskey.

Tattoo apprentices generally start on fruit, most commonly oranges. From there, they proceed to their own legs, then whatever friends are brave enough to let them use their skin as a testing canvas. While Sebastien Mathieu, owner of private Paris tattoo studio Le Sphinx is clearly no beginner, his tattoos on J&B bottles certainly bear the stamp of a beginner's raw energy. All told, he's left his mark on 25 bottles, putting in about 20 hours on each.

He begins by covering the bottles with latex, which is dyed a similar color to human skin. This maintains the shape of the bottle, while also providing the bottle with an eerie, almost other-worldly, yet decidedly "human" quality about it. From there, he goes about tattooing the bottles as if they were human skin—albeit skin with glass underneath.

The Muse of the Northwest

Ben Schuyler uses his iPhone to take pictures. What he captures will astound you.

Ben Schuyler: Adventure Seeker, Praise Bringer, Coffee Crafter, Music Maker, Mobile Photographer.

As a Seattle based photographer, Ben Schuyler has become the Instagra-muse for everything Northwest USA. Artfully-crafting images of the mountains, waterways and beaches of his coastal stomping ground, Schulyer has us and the rest of his followers brimming with an adventurer’s lust.

A Man's Guide to Weddings

All the tips, tricks and style you need to thrive during the wedding season.

Welcome to wedding season—the time of the year to celebrate love, commitment, your Aunt Deirdre’s dance moves, an open bar, and one enormous cake. It’s our favorite time of the year.

Weddings mean good weather, good friends, and good parties. And wrapping that together, there's good style. It's the season to display your debonaire sartorial instincts—the jeans and t-shirt can stay the go-to in the daily, but the well-rounded man needs to know keep up with all the class, class, class.

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DIVERSIONS + TUNES: April 18th, 2014

From the Goonies to Drone Selfies, this week’s Diversions + Tunes has it all.

1. THE HARD STUFF MATTERS: Always do what needs doin'. / Zen Habits

2. GOONIES STYLE: Sloth love Chunk … and this Goonies-inspired outfit. / Well Spent

Desk To Glory

Dodging the 9-5, Richard and Ashley have found new purpose with a life on the road.

Richard and Ashley were tired. Tired of staring at their computer screens. Tired of routine. Tired of deadlines, and bills, and mundane nine to fives. So tired, that they ditched it. Quit their job, sold their stuff, bought a Toyota Pickup and left their home in Vancouver to head south, no, not Florida, but Central America. The type of journey that will always gets a Huckberry stamp of approval

Currently enjoying the sun and shores of San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala, we recently caught up with these two traveling aficionados to help us fill in the gaps about their decision, their life on the road, and a glimpse at what’s to come.


Captain’s Wings, ’74 Sportster Keys, and a Perceval Blade are kings of this dump.

Drop what your carrying, organize it into right angles, zoom out, snap a pic, and share. That's your Pocket Dump. Every week, we'll curate a selection of the best EDC pocket dumps from our friends at Everyday Carry

There's a few links to our favorite products in the dump, and then a link to see the whole lineup. Enjoy, and carry on.

Lights Out, Knives Out

Scott Pargett lives the Renaissance man dichotomy—he loves his bikes as much as his art.

LA-based Scott Pargett lives two lives. In one, he's an art director doing campaigns for Toyota and other house-hold names. In the other, he's ripping through corners and leaving nothing but a trail of displaced dust. The two worlds collide on his site: Lights Out, Knives Out.

He's been riding bikes—track, urban, off-road—for years, and when he's not wielding the lens or coordinating a shoot, he's likely in the garage with a smear of grease on his hands. Or, more likely, he's accelerating through traffic, heading out of the city and out to more open places. We caught up with him to talk bikes, and throw some nasty theoreticals his way.


The Explorer's Grants Winners

The trips are in, their merits weighed, and three adventurers are ready to explore.

A month back, we announced adventure: The Huckberry Explorer’s Grants. We wanted to help get you out there—wandering, exploring, traveling, and experiencing the adventures you dream about. So we partnered with some friends (Topo DesignsPolerNemoPeak DesignGoal Zero) to equip the winners with top-notch gear, and we offered up three $1,000 Explorer's Grants. We opened the contest doors, and the trips poured in.

Hiking the Appalachian. Riding the Great Divide. Rafting India. Biking South America. Rowing the Pacific. An avalanche of ideas crashed on our laps—and we hunkered down, carefully considering each one.

Modern Pioneering

Georgia Pellegrini is the new frontierswoman—rugged, savvy, scrappy and smart.

Take the skills of Martha Stewart, cloak them in the earthiness of Rohan Anderson, then toss them in a field with Jim Shockey, and you’re getting close to the axis where urbanite frontier woman Georgia Pellegrini resides.

Pellegrini hunts her dinner with guns. She makes tables out of tree stumps. And, sometimes when she’s in the mood, she garnishes cakes with rose petals. Her new book, Modern Pioneering, is a guide to everything handy, rustic and delicious. For the lady in your life (or, hell, I find it pretty handy myself), this is your gritty, off-the-grid, pioneering guide.

How to Wax a Shirt

With Otter Wax and a little elbow grease, a DIY wax-canvas shirt is within reach.

Otter Wax is available for sale in our General Store

Waxed-Canvas jackets are element-ready garments—tough and rugged, water-proof, and damn good looking. Offering superior  rain, sleet, snow, and dirt protection, they also bring a unique look and natural wear patterns similar to another one of our burly favorites: selvedge denim. Only problem? They often come with a heavy price tag.

We have a solution—a DIY project that will have you in a waxed-canvas in no time.

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